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Pinocchio to return to the Magic Kingdom?


Pinocchio 2010 (3)

There is a strong rumor, that seems to have real merit, that Pinocchio is returning to the Magic Kingdom soon.  It is said that he will offer regular meet and greets near the Pinocchio’s Village Haus Restaurant.  It’s ironic that he stopped meeting regularly when Rapunzel moved into the Fairytale Garden and there is a rumor still circulating that Merida will be retired soon.  Perhaps Pinocchio regains his spot in the Magic Kingdom rotation with Merida’s departure that is rumored to be around the beginning of next year?  I’d say the Pinocchio rumor has a 90-100% probability.

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  1. I can’t see Merida leaving, especially because of her popularity and the possibility of her being added to the Disney Princess line in the near future.

    And with the economy recovering, I can see them keeping Merida and bringing Pinocchio back at the same time, instead of having to resort to a one-or-the-other kind of thing.

    • On a character note, FYI. We went to the Mickey Christmas Party this past week (after the new Fantasyland opening) and Belle/Beast no longer meet in their X mas garb at Fairytale garden. We were looking forward to this. They said due to “tales with belle” and be our Guest. It seems like a Beast autograph is no longer possible (he does not sign at Be our Guest and is no longer at Epcot with Belle) for all those autograph enthusiast.

  2. That’s awesome news! He was retired right before we went in May for our first trip. We are going back the end of January for my daughter’s birthday. Is he rumored to be back by then? When is Merida leaving?

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