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Crayola Experience Announces Reopening

One of our family favorites in Florida is visiting the Crayola Experience located in the Florida Mall. I was happy to...

Non-Disney Activities to do Around the Orlando Area

Are you visiting Walt Disney World but want to get away for a while outside of the parks? Don't worry, I won't...

FREE NFL Pro Bowl week activities return to Walt Disney World’s...

This will be the second year for Walt Disney World to host NFL Pro Bowl week activities.  They were seen as a great success...

Hurricane Matthew passes with little effects to the theme park corridor

As of 9:45am on October 7, 2016 Hurricane Matthew is passing along the East Coast of Florida, having never made landfall.  It's still a...

10/6 Evening Hurricane Matthew update

With the seriousness of this potentially deadly storm, theme parks and other non-essential businesses are closing. All Orlando area theme parks are closing at 5pm...