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Hurricane Matthew passes with little effects to the theme park corridor

Statement concerning the expiration issue on new Disney World ticket purchases

As of 9:45am on October 7, 2016 Hurricane Matthew is passing along the East Coast of Florida, having never made landfall.  It’s still a serious storm to those along the coast and the occasional thunderstorm or squall to those inland, but mostly the theme park areas really avoided the worst case scenario.  Here’s some things to expect over the next day or so:

  1.  All theme parks will remain closed today.  They have no plans to open them nor their shopping and dining areas.  Regular operations should resume tomorrow, Saturday, October 8, 2016.
  2. Disney World resort guests are requested to remain in their rooms and resorts, but aren’t being forced to remain.  Many restaurants and stores outside Disney World still plan to remain closed today.
  3. Disney World is attempting to bring in food for resort guests that will consist of a limited menu and boxed meals.  If your resort doesn’t offer it yet, please hold tight as they could offer it for you within a few hours.
  4. Some resorts will offer special character meet and greets in their lobbies and special activities.  It’s likely that it will happen on an unpublished schedule at some resorts.  Many resorts offered this last night and it really helped to cheer up the children, especially the little ones worried about their favorite character.
  5. I would expect a larger movement of guests toward the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.  You’re basically combining guests who forfeited their visits on Thursday and Friday and combining them with the guests who already wanted to visit on Saturday for the extra night time entertainment.  Be sure to arrive early, use Fastpass+ and use some of my great Touring Plans to make the best of a possibly busy day.

My original Crowd Forecast for tomorrow was for Heavy Crowds and for the Magic Kingdom to be red or avoid.  Many guests had to cancel or delay their trips, so the overall crowd level will likely not reach the projection, but the Magic Kingdom will still be quite busy from 11am until Wishes.  Make the best of the day and have a great time with your family in the world of magic!

My family and I are doing great and we saw no damage.  Our power, cable and internet access are still operational.  We are healthy and enjoyed some family time playing board games.


  1. What do you think crowd level for this upcoming week? Same prediction? Our flight was changed to come in Sunday night instead of today and we are reworking our fast passes now!

  2. Is there any word if Fort Wilderness campground will re-open Saturday? I received an email that it is closed through Saturday, which will delay our arrival until Sunday. We were able to make a reservation at a near – by campground for Saturday night, but would much rather check in as planned. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to inform us all. Knowing a few things that are actually going on make it less stressful for those that are there and those that are watching from afar! You do a great service to everyone concerned! So glad all the worst case scenarios did not come to pass!

  4. Power here at Movies. The food court was crazy last night. Hours long lines for bag lunches, pizza, etc. We were told that the food court would be closed all today but good to hear that this may change. We have gotten several voice messages from Disney telling us to stay in hour rooms until we get the all clear. I understand a curfew is in place for the roads. Many, many CM’s at Epcot and the MK didn’t know the parks would close at 5 even hours after I knew. Seems there were multiple management issues yesterday. I expected more from my beloved WDW

  5. Thanks for all the info Kenny. We are at the beach club and everyone here has been fantastic and helpful. It feels like every Disney employee is present here to help out and have fun with the kids. Great to hear you and your family are safe and sound.

  6. Awesome! Thanks Kenny so glad to hear! We headed back to TN yesterday which still was probably the best idea since Saturday morning was our original planned exit time. Glad to hear you guys are ok!

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