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What’s taking place at Disney resorts as guests return to their rooms during Hurricane Matthew preparation?

Art of Animation Resort

Now that the theme parks are being closed and cleared in preparation for Hurricane Matthew’s arrival in a few hours, guests are reporting what takes place once they reach their rooms.

Wind Preparation

I was told that anything that doesn’t have a permanent attachment like trash cans, pool chairs, benches, kiosks etc are being removed and stored in a hurricane safe location to prevent flying objects.


MouseKeeping is still offering limited services like additional towels, while clean supplies last.   At this time it is not expected that MouseKeeping will offer full services tomorrow, so request additional towels now.

Food Services

It’s been reported to me that all food courts are now closed, I presume that is the case for regular table service restaurants as well.  I was told that guests are being offered brown bag meals that contain a sandwich, chips, fruit and a muffin for $12.99.  Other food stuff and drinks are available as well.  If you are using the dining plan, you also receive a drink for that cost.  Be sure to purchase water!

Guest safety and security

Guests are being asked to stay in their rooms from the time of arrival until some point tomorrow afternoon when they are given the “all clear.”  Some guests have been told they may need to relocate to the hotel lobby if excessively high winds affect their side of the property.

Cable TV could be out in some resorts

Some guests, including those at Port Orleans are reporting that their Cable TV is already out.  While it’s not mandatory for survival, it does speak to the fact that the storm hasn’t arrived and services are already affected.  Find some other ways to entertain yourself like playing games together.  Be sure to have a flashlight as candles aren’t allowed in Disney resorts.  I was informed that some resorts are offering flashlights to guests at Guest Services.




  1. We were at Port Orleans French Quarter and what we actually got, for that price, was a dry baguette with a piece of ham and an orange. The line to get said meal was 3+ hours.

  2. Yes, the Hurricane was a week ago but I’m just now catching up on my emails and saw this…we were staying at Old Key West and stayed at MK until they closed at 5pm. We had a full kitchen but had not made it to a grocery since our arrival. Not knowing about a curfew, we took our car and headed to the nearest Walmart to get food for Friday. Walmart, Target and Publix were all closed at 7pm!! I was amazed! We live in Ky and last winter it dropped 17 inches of snow overnight. Nothing, especially Walmart closed…lol…we shoveled our cars out of the garage and went to work! So, back to the resort to search for food. I have no complaints with Disney. They left several messages, which we didn’t notice until Friday afternoon. Left a flashlight by the door. No one cared that we weren’t in our rooms. I went to the Hospitality House to inquire about the restaurants and found Chip and Dale. We ordered a bunch of cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets and watched TV and played on our phones. Friday night…since there was no hurricane…we visited family in Apopka for dinner. Free food…lol…it was much ado about nothing. I wonder how Florida would survive a foot of snow? I’m guessing it wouldn’t.

  3. We are at Saratoga Springs and thankfully had some food that we had purchased earlier in the week since we have a Kitchen. However, I’m very disappointed in the way the food courts have been operated for my friends without our setup. Several of our friends are at AofA and have had no food since lunch yesterday because the food court line was 3 hours long and you were not guaranteed food even then. That’s ridiculous. It’s now lunch time on Friday. There’s a light mist and light winds. We are still being told to remain locked up and no food. My family is fine, but I’m angry for my friends that aren’t and I’m unable to help them.

  4. All-Star Music has been amazing. They have left us message on the phone, brought us written statements on how to follow up, left a flashlight, extra towels, and toiletries. Hubby waited for food last night for 1 1/2 hours. We got two pizzas and some breadsticks for $40, and had over half left after five of us ate, so we have left overs today. $12.99 is cheaper than the usual meals at Disney. We didn’t see any characters, but kept to our room after getting food due to the extreme crowds. We are safe and all cast members and fellow guests have been pleasant.

  5. Line was almost 3 hours for food at POFQ. Some rooms received flashlights – we did not. Spoke to front desk and apparently they ran out. No meets in lobby. Cast members were nice but they could have planned this out more given they knew storm was coming. For example they left message on phone in room at 10 am ish yesterday about the food situation and to eat in parks before they closed if you could. Most people were already in parks trying to get a day in with Fridays closure by 10 am. They should have left that message at 6 am and the lines at food courts would have been way shorter. They also could have included about eating in park in announcement that was being made at parks or could have sent text. Also our box lunches didn’t not include everything it was supposed to. Of course the weather is uncontrollable but for a place as organized as Disney, this seemed very unorganized and unprepared. A few small things could have really improved situation.

  6. I’m at pop.. Our brown bags were not covered .. Flashlight left on bed by maid service .. Food court closed at 8.. Cast members are nice .. Although we have no emergency numbers or instructions or any communications .. Line to talk to front desk 2 hours long and they are also not answering phones . I’m assuming they are just too busy.. Gift shop personal were super nice and tried to give any info they could !

    • We were at pop too and had the same experience- absolutely no communication from the resort, hoirs long lines to talk to concierge or front desk, 2 hours in food court to get awful bagged lunches and a pizza, housekeeping only half cleaned our room and left it a bigger mess than we did. Just saw a $50 credit from Pop but that doesn’t even cover the 8 quick service meals we wasted just trying to get the awful food. Very disappointed.

  7. In coronado springs we had characters to meet and greet, minnie pluto, tigger, eeyore. And in every room the left a flashlight this evening.

  8. No flashlights at Wilderness lodge but we did have a character meet and we were told that Artist Point will have a buffet tomorrow. Also Whispering Canyon will have a skillet meal offering. I can’t remember the prices. Roaring Fork had the boxed lunch earlier.

  9. All Star Sports is doing an awesome job with guests. They brought out some characters for the kids and put on a movie. Yes the food court was crazy, but people are not in their homes and want to make sure they have food tomorrow!
    They brought a flashlight to our room.
    Thank you to the wonderful staff here for making my family feel safe.

  10. Food line at CS (Rix Cafe) was over 2 hours then they closed the gates at 8:15 or so. Limited options there. My spouse got in the Mexican line at Pepper Market and came back to room around 9 with 3 full QS meals. CS Cast Member brought a flashlight to our room at 6 pm.

  11. Wow… praying for all you guys down there fighting through this. Hang in there and stay safe. It sounds incredibly stressful and I hope everyone gets everything they need in time to get them through the coming hours. Charge phones and any other electronics while you can. Maybe download a family game app like ‘heads up’ to keep everyone distracted.

  12. At Animal Kingdom Lodge: Boma operating, Jiko serving as overflow seating for Boma. The Mara and Victoria Falls are also operating. Activities in the lobby and Disney movies on the TV. Not confined to rooms but asked to stay at resort from 9pm tonight until tomorrow afternoon.

  13. At Art of Animation. Food court is open and packed, lines are out the door. Disney employees are keeping guests happy and calm. Character meets for Jesse and the toy story army men in the lobby.

  14. Lines have been insane for food for three hours now. We’ve attempted to get food three times already with no luck. People are acting like they will be stranded without food and water for weeks versus 15 hours. There has got to be a better system to get people food. Staying at the Caribbean.

  15. We are at POP. Food court is insane but cast members are doing their best. Thankfully, we had a grocery delivery yesterday so water and food are plentiful for us. Haven’t heard or seen any flashlights from Disney. People in general are being really kind to each other in spite of stressful circumstances.

  16. At All Star Sports, food court closes at 9. We’ve been instructed to shelter in place unless otherwise instructed. Everyone is either at the gift shop or the food court. If there is flooding on the first floor, those in first floor rooms will be moved up to another floor. Everything that is not secure outside has been moved into a safe facility. TV is still on but comes and goes occasionally. After the voice mails went out about the boxed meals (yes they were $12.99 but what other option do you have if you didn’t bring any food and Disney transportation is your only transportation?), we wnt to the food court and when asked abut them no one seemed to know what we were talking about! But at least they are offering something for people to take back to their rooms while sheltering in place. Housekeeping brought extra towels, toiletries and even brought us more blankets. Now we wait and see what happens next.

  17. Yachts steakhouse is in full bloom. Kudos to David, the manger floor accommodating all who show up. Kids Activities are all over the lobby.

  18. I’m at Beach Club. Food service continuing here as long as possible. Boxed lunches being offered. Been told must stay in building but not confined to rooms. If electricity and safe plan to have kids activities tomorrow in lobby. Flashlights being given out.

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