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Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Several Big Attractions are Down at Magic Kingdom

Today is not starting well for some big attractions at Magic Kingdom today. Here is what's closed.

Magic Kingdom Attraction Now Operating but at Reduced Capacity

A fantasyland favorite attraction is back up but operating at a reduced capacity. Read on for details.

One fan-favorite attraction has not opened yet at the Magic Kingdom

One Magic Kingdom attraction appears to be having issues. As a result, it has not opened yet. See the statement from the...

Popular Magic Kingdom Ride Refurbishment to Begin Soon

Disney has filed permits to begin a ride refurbishment at Magic Kingdom. Are you looking forward to the changes or do you...

Carousel of Progress Down for Second Day in a Row

Carousel of Progress is a nostalgic and popular attraction at Magic Kingdom. However, that doesn't make it immune to issues, and it's...