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New Refurbishment in Magic Kingdom Is Missing Pixie Dust

Refurbishments are a common occurrence around the Walt Disney World Parks. The newest refurbishment in Magic Kingdom is not only unsightly...

Top 5 Movies to Watch Before Your Next Magic Kingdom Visit

Pop some popcorn and open up your Disney+ account! These films NEED to be on your viewing list before your next...

New Early Morning Magic Dates Added!

New dates have been announced for Early Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom! Will you be attending one?

The Friar’s Nook Will Now Serve Breakfast Permanently

Magic Kingdom now has one more breakfast spot for you to get your fill before touring the park (or at least after...

Is It Scary? An Analysis of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland Attractions

Fantasyland by nature is seemingly the most child-friendly part of all of Walt Disney World. Even so, there may be a...