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I’ve Been Back. Why I’m Now Postponing a Disney Trip

Visiting Disney World this summer was a lot of fun! This fall? Well, read on to see why one KTP writer will...

Orange County Florida Mayor Gives Coronavirus Press Conference

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings gave a press conference this afternoon regarding the novel Coronavirus and touched on when the government would...

Florida Reports Close to 9,000 New Cases of COVID-19 within Weeks...

Florida just reported the highest number of new cases of coronavirus with just about 2 weeks to go until the reopening of...

Planning a Trip With Immune Considerations

Those of us who love Disney Parks and Cruising are disappointed that we can't get back to our happy place yet. Here...

Disney World Reopening Plan Approved by State Government

On Wednesday Disney World presented their plan to reopen their Florida Theme Parks. As many of you have read, there will be...