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New Price Increases on Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

The new Disney Genie system has been available to Guests for less than one week, and we are already seeing price increases....

How Will Disney’s New Genie Service Affect Rider Switch

Genie+ is here! Here's what you need to know if you want to combine Genie+ with Rider Switch.

Will Disney Genie make your day in the park easier? Maximum...

Disney Genie has officially been released from the lamp today, October 19th! However, is this going to be your best source...

When can you book a new Lightning Lane Selection?

It has been quite a morning with the new Disney Genie system. There is so much new information to take in....

News: Today’s pricing for Individual Lightning Lane Selections

Now that Disney Genie is live, we are getting a first look at pricing for Individual Lightning Lane selections. How much...