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Disney Genie Hits Highest Price Point for 2024

Disney Genie Hits Highest Price Point for 2024

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Be sure to pack your patience if you are visiting Walt Disney World this week. The price to skip the line with Disney Genie+ is at its highest price point for 2024. Check out full details for pricing and ways to avoid high crowd levels.

Crowd Calendar Predictors

Credit: Monica

There are a few ways to predict if Walt Disney World will be busy when you hope to visit. One early predictor is ticket pricing. Walt Disney World introduced variable ticket pricing back in December 2022. This variable pricing will rise for peak tourist times and lower when the parks are less busy.

You can check out an overview of this variable ticket pricing HERECharacter Locator also offers a great crowd calendar to help choose the best dates for your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Finally, there is one final way to see if it will be a busy day at Walt Disney World, and that is the price of Disney Genie+. Disney introduced variable pricing for Disney Genie+ and again the price increases as the crowds increase as well.

Disney Genie Pricing

Disney Genie
Credit: Donna

As Christmas and New Year’s crowds hit the parks, Disney Genie+ hit high price points. As the crowds lowered, so did the price of Disney Genie+.

Spring Break crowds are in full force at Walt Disney World as evidenced by changes to park hours, warnings from Orlando International Airport, and the high pricing of Disney Genie+.

Today, March 11th, the price is now $35 for Magic Kingdom or the Multiple Park options, $25 for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, $32 for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and $28 for EPCOT.

Warnings with Disney Genie+

Disney Genie Lightning Lane
Credit: Donna

After you get past the sticker shock, you may be wondering if you need Disney Genie+. Find out if Disney Genie+ is a great option for your family HERE.

Disney Genie+ may be purchased starting at midnight of your park day. Despite the high prices during the holiday season, Disney Genie+ sold out multiple days in a row. If you will be traveling during busy travel times, budget for this highest price point and purchase Disney Genie+ as soon as possible.

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Monday 11th of March 2024

I leave for Disney on Thursday. Screw them, this is my last trip for several years.

Patti Gericsa

Monday 11th of March 2024

And by 10:30 Frozen, Remy and Test track were all taken for the day!

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