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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Disney World is Laying Off More Cast Members According to New...

In a recent filing, Disney World is planning to lay off Cast Members in March 2021. Here are the details including how...

Disney is calling more Cast Members back to work!

We are so happy to hear more Cast Members will return to work! Read about the last call back below.

Great Way To Support Cast Members This Holiday Season

Recently thousands of talented Cast Members have lost their employment. Find out how you can help support these Cast Members this...

Disney Shares Official Statement Regarding Massive Performer Layoffs

Thousands of Cast Members received the heartbreaking news that they would be laid off. Hundreds of performers are included in this decision,...

More Hollywood Studios Stage Shows Affected by Layoffs

The massive layoff of thousands of Cast Members has affected several Hollywood Studios stage shows. What do you think of all these...