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Have You Seen Disney’s New Baby Rhino?

Another baby Rhino has arrived at Walt Disney World. You have just got to see this precious bundle of joy.

Disney Reveals the Name of its New Baby Hippo

Cuteness overload! Disney's newest Hippo has an adorable name. The New Hippo is Here!

New Baby Boy Giraffe is Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Cuteness alert! Disney has a brand new baby, and you can meet him right here!

Disney’s New Rhino Calf Makes his Debut on Kilimanjaro Safari

Guess what Disney animal fans! You can finally meet Disney's rhino calf face to face on Kilimanjaro Safari.

Disney Announces The Arrival of a New Cinderella Pony

Cute-ness alert! There is a new baby in Disney World, and he's downright magical.