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Club Villain dates have been extended!

Club Villain is an opportunity to meet some great rare villains like Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, The Queen Grimhilde and Queen of Hearts in human form.

Club Villain to return to Hollywood Studios for Halloween Season

The popular "Club Villain" offering at Disney's Hollywood Studios is set to return to Sunset Showcase near Rock n Roller Coaster for Halloween season. Disney...

Club Villain offering $99 seating again

When Club Villain in Hollywood Studios first opened, it cost $99 per person (regardless of age), but in February the cost went to $129 per person....

Rumor Round Up: Hollywood Studios a tribute to all attractions but...

Got your morning coffee and donuts, or in my case, low calorie, low sodium cereal with additional Flax Seed ready?  Let's dig into some...

Club Villain coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Club Villain coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios Get ready for a whole new way to enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Club Villain, a special ticketed...