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Club Villain coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Club Villain dates extended!

Club Villain coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Get ready for a whole new way to enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Club Villain, a special ticketed event in Sunset Showcase adjacent to Rock ‘n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith with fabulous performances, delicious food, bewitching cocktails and enchanting encounters with some of the greatest Disney villains.

Club Villain Character dining coming to Hollywood Studios in Disney World

The first Club Villain will take place Jan. 16, with reservations opening today, when the mysterious Dr. Facilier is your host for the evening, welcoming guests and his friends from the “other side” to his parlor of mystical mishaps, with musical numbers and a wicked mix from his house DJ. Also stopping by to socialize are those divas of evil,Maleficent, Queen of Hearts, Cruella De Vil and the Evil Queen.

Club Villain provides a spellbinding evening to enjoy fiendish concoctions from the Potions Bar, savor culinary delights from New Orleans and beyond, meet with the villains and dance the night away. Club Villain takes place select evenings for $99 per person, tax and gratuity included. Reservations are recommended and can be made up to 90 days in advance online or by calling 407-939-3463. A separate ticket for admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is required.

Dancin’ and Chillin’ with Disney Villains

Sunset Showcase loudly presents Club Villain, a frightfully fun dance-and-dine event—debuting January 16, 2016!This spellbinding evening features decadent New Orleans delicacies like tender beef striploin rubbed with herbes de Provence, Voodoo sticky “pig wings” with citrus gremolata and spicy shrimp sautéed with Andouille sausage, tomato, okra and onions over creamy polenta.

Trick or treat yourself to fiendish cocktail concoctions—specialty alcoholic drinks plus beer and wine—hilarious stage-show numbers and up-close encounters with Disney’s most dastardly doomsday divas. Mix and mingle with mysterious Maleficent, hilarious Queen of Hearts, the delirious Evil Queen and the always fur-fetched Cruella De Vil—and wicked jams from our house DJ!

  • I only see Saturdays available at this time online
  • Book online here.
  • You cannot use any Disney Dining Plan for this experience!
  • Full payment is required in advance.
  • 1 day cancellation policy.

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  1. There was apparently a preview last night and there are rave reviews about it. The event is definitely more adult themed from what I understand. They are saying it isn’t recommended for children under 10. What I was told is that food and drink are included in the price and that it’s buffet style with a potions bar. I can’t wait to hear more reviews!

  2. Apparently, Club Villain will only be available in January and February.

    I had a March 5 reservation booked, but I got a call from Disney today saying that because of “entertainment changes,” they are canceling Club Villain for all of March. (January and February are unchanged as of now.) So disappointing.

    Just wondering if you had any details about it, Kenny.

  3. So they can afford to have all of these characters, the DJ and stuff.
    But they can’t even afford to keep at Hiro and Baymax (at least HIro), and Joy and Sadness?
    Okay Disney World.. Okay…

    • Went last night. The show content is definitely more adult (think female dancers dong a sensual dance with the host) but there were lots of children there.

      • My phone ran out of storage, so I only have a few. The rest are on my camera and not available to upload just yet. I have seen a couple videos on YouTube that are pretty great! The buffet style food was incredible, and the drinks were themed to each of the villainous ladies. It was all you care to eat and drink. The host, Kanzo, was sooooo talented. He blew the roof off with his voice. My favorite part was the Creme Brûlée that was paraded out New Orleans style. The music for the show was mostly classic rock with one more current song thrown in. The DJ Thibedeux played music in between numbers and the Villains greeted people in their dungeons which looked straight out of the movies. The Evil Queen had a magic mirror and a Peacock Throne, The Queen of Hearts had a throne and jury boxes, Maleficient had a stone throne that billowed out smoke from the arms, and Cruella DeVil had lots of red velvet and puppies. I think my favorite was Queen of Hearts as she was an actual person and SO hilarious. I honestly felt like I got more than my money’s worth at this event. It lasted exactly two hours and I never felt rushed. There is plenty of time to meet the Villains as you are given an appointment time to see each of them. There were several times when a couple of them were all alone in their dungeons. They were signing autographs, but really didn’t need to. Since you are given a card with all of their autographs on them. The only ones that aren’t on there are the dancers, Mystic and Charm and Kanzo. I would definitely spend money on this again!

  4. Is this concurrent with the rumored Club Disney that is supposed to take place in the same building? Or is that Club Disney thing not happening?

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