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Club Villain offering $99 seating again

Club Villain dates extended!

When Club Villain in Hollywood Studios first opened, it cost $99 per person (regardless of age), but in February the cost went to $129 per person.  Now some instances are back to $99.

Currently the discounted rate of $99 is available only for Annual Passholders and DVC members only and only for select showings from March 8 through 22.  Disney will honor the rate for those with AP or DVC who have already booked, but you might want to call and confirm.  Could this be a sign that Disney outpriced the experience and are having difficulty filling all the seats?

Bookings are now available for showing on Saturdays in April and May 2016 as well at the regular $129 rate for all guests.


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  1. What is the possibility that it will run through the summer? We will be there at the beginning of June and my daughter would love this. What is the best way to find out if they extend the dates and to reserve a table? Thanks for all your great articles.

    • i put a desktop shortcut for the Club Villan page on my computer and checked Daily for updated schedule. Disney Cast members told me not likely when I asked but considering the night time show keeps selling out I think they will keep it up at least until Mickeys Not so Scary or they develop another show. I did see that they cut out offering the show 2 days a week and now it is twice daily only on Saturdays. But just keep checking and maybe you can be like me and grab them as soon as it opens.

  2. We were there last week and it was a lot of fun. It cost us $386 total for three people. I thought it was well run, food was really good, characters were very accessible. Cruella was the most fun. But there were a lot of empty tables. We went to a 4pm seating on a Tuesday which may have affected the crowds. But we would do it again even at that price.

    • They should bring back Lady Tremaine, Frollo, and Jafar. Or have rare Ooogie Boogie and Hades. It makes no sense that Disneyland has Hades for the Halloween Party and not us. Also, it would no be crowded with Oogie Boogie because it is a ticketed event.

  3. No idea why but it’s nice they added discounts for DVC/AP on some nights. In our experience it was still a bargain at $129. And it was sold out when we went last week

  4. I snagged 2 4/30 seats yesterday. Thrilled they decided to keep the show running if only on Saturdays after March.

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