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Is Epcot’s New World Celebration Area a Huge Disappointment?

Is Epcot’s New World Celebration Area a Huge Disappointment?

We’ve been waiting in anticipation for so long for the EPCOT walls to come down. Now that the CommuniCore Plaza and Hall are open, it’s hard to believe this has taken so long!

EPCOT Transformation

Big Change Made for the New Moana Series
Credit: Maggie

During the D23 event in September 2019, Disney announced multiple projects for Epcot, triggering a complete overhaul of the park. Some of the new projects finished the transformation of Mouse Gear into Creations Shop, the revamp of Club Cool, and the redesign of the park’s entrance.

Was it worth the wait? Check out my (Susan) review and let us know what you think.

In addition, Disney added the following Connections Eatery, Connection Café, a Walt Disney statue, and a Moana water attraction. The construction walls in EPCOT made navigation frustrating. Although the completion was expected in 2023, it officially opened on June 10, 2024.

World Celebration

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

On December 5th, World Celebration opened to guests to honor Walt Disney’s birthday. Guests can explore, relax, and come together in this open area. In the center, there is a statue surrounded by two plaques. One plaque reads, “Dedicated to all who dream of a better tomorrow.”

Epcot communicore plaza Mirabel Encanto magic shot
Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Guests may even meet characters here such as Daisy Duck and Pluto. When we visited, there were 2 new Encanto magic shots. One features Mirabel and the other one includes Bruno.

EPCOT CommuniCore World Celebration outdoor seating
Credit: Susan

Charging points are conveniently available to recharge phones and other devices, essential for a day at Disney. Although this area provides much-needed seating, shade, and chargers, it feels understated. Hopefully, Disney will add more to this large area.

Communicore Plaza

EPCOT CommuniCore entertainment encanto show sing-a-long
Credit: Susan

On June 10, 2024, all the walls were finally taken down! I’m (Susan) not sure if I was more excited to see the newly opened area or to have a direct path to things at EPCOT. Here, you’ll find various entertainment offerings, including a new stage show and a grassy area to watch them.

Credit: Susan

During the day, you can enjoy the Encanto sing-along show. In the evening, you can experience the lively Latin band, La Calle. Both of these performances include audience participation, making them so much fun.

¡Celebración Encanto! was full of energy and kept the crowd entertained, but it would have been nice to include more Encanto characters. You can see showtimes HERE.

EPCOT CommuniCore entertainment stage latin band la calle
Credit: Susan

You can also meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy in their new character greeting building adjacent to the stage area.

Mickey EPCOT CommuniCore meet greet
Credit: Susan

Guests have missed the previous Character Spot in the breezeway going toward The Land building. 

Goofy EPCOT CommuniCore meet greet
Credit: Susan

It’s cool that you meet all 3 characters (separately) in one line. The building was brightly themed with whimsical backgrounds.

Minnie EPCOT CommuniCore meet greet
Credit: Susan

You don’t want to miss meeting your Disney pals here.

EPCOT CommuniCore Festival Favorites quick service kiosk
Credit: Susan

Around the corner from the stage area, you’ll find a quick service spot, Festival Favorites. Although it’s open now, with no festival currently taking place at EPCOT, food and drink offerings are very limited.

CommuniCore Hall

Epcot communicore hall
Credit: Susan

First, the good, there is seating and air conditioning inside EPCOT’s CommuniCore Hall. Next, the bad, NOTHING is going on here. No theming, no personality, nothing! I’m hoping they spruce it up for festivals. However, right now this entire building is a letdown.

Final Thoughts

EPCOT CommuniCore World Celebration character mickey meet night
Credit: Susan

As I walked through this area, I felt disappointed. We’ve been waiting for it to open since 2019. I don’t understand why it took 5 years to complete!

Will it get better? When festivals start, I hope there will be new experiences and offerings. But why didn’t they include more for its grand opening?

Although I liked the stage shows, guests sit in the hot grass to watch them, with only a few umbrellas for shade. I wish Disney had provided a large canopy and more seating.

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Disney Boy

Monday 24th of June 2024

The reason it took so long was because COVID and the stuff behind the scenes caused delays and changes to the original plans.

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