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Ranking the Best Buildings at Port Orleans French Quarter

Ranking the Best Buildings at Port Orleans French Quarter

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French Quarter is one of four moderate resorts at Disney World. Step into the rich culture of New Orlean’s historic French Quarter in the middle of Florida! This is one of my favorite resorts, and I’ve got some building recommendations to help you plan your stay.

Port Orleans French Quarter

Credit: Monica

Port Orleans – French Quarter is one of two Port Orleans Resorts. Together, French Quarter and Riverside make up the largest resort on Disney World property. Be sure to check out my guide to both resorts in this post.

French Quarter is like stepping into historic New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century. The cobblestone walkways are lined with gas lamps, and the colorful buildings have wrought-iron balconies. The way the room buildings are set up make you feel as though you are walking the streets of historic New Orleans. They are very small and intimate.

It is one of four moderate resorts, and you can see my ranking of them right here. For me (Monica), French Quarter is one of my favorite resorts. Other than the boring rooms, I really do love so much about it!


Credit: Monica

Because French Quarter only has standard rooms, every room at the resort is the same. There are no 5th sleepers or Royal Guest Rooms like at Riverside. Additionally, you will not find any suites or villas.

So, really the only thing you need to consider when booking a room at French Quarter is the view. You will find the following views: standard (views of parking lot), garden (views of garden), river (views of riverfront), and pool (view of the pool).

Because of the size of the resort along with the lack of room types, this “ranking” will be much shorter than others I have done at Riverside, Pop Century, the All-Stars, and Caribbean Beach.


Screenshot: MDE

The least desireable building to be in if you want to be close to the lobby and feature pool is Building 7. Conversely, if you want peace and quiet or a quick walk to Riverside, Building 7 is your best option.

Building 1 on the opposite end of the resort is also quite far from the action. But, take that with a grain of salt because it’s actually still pretty close when you compare it to the size of other resorts (like Caribbean Beach, for example).

french quarter resort sassagoula quick service restaurant
Credit: Susan

Next, I would rank Buildings 3, 4, and 5 as all the same. I have personally stayed in Buildings 3 and 5 and loved both. It’s two minutes to food court or gift shop, and the pool and playground are just across the way.

If I had to pick a “best” building to be in, it would be Building #2. Not only is it centrally located inside the resort making it a quick walk to all the amenities, but it’s also closest to the boat dock. The boat will take you to Riverside, Saratoga Springs, and Disney Springs.

Credit: Monica

If you are interested in staying at French Quarter (or any resort for that matter), I would love to help you plan! See details below for contacting me:

Using a Travel Agent can help you navigate the ins and outs of planning! I am here to help! Please fill out this form and put my name (Monica) in the Special Request box.

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