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Something is Missing from the Magic Kingdom

Something is Missing from the Magic Kingdom

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Instead of adding magic, Disney removed some of the magic from the Magic Kingdom. See what this looks like and when a new experience may be available to guests.

New Experience

Credit: Donna

Last summer, Disney revealed a new interactive experience  “Smellephants on Parade”. This new family-friendly search and sniff adventure will be located in Fantasyland’s Storybook Circus.

This new experience, sponsored by Scentsy, will be a scavenger hunt for the senses. Although this is now eight months after this announcement, work for this new expansion has been slow.

Back in November, Disney added “Sponsored by Scentsy” to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction sign and on banners throughout the Storybook Circus play area. In January, the landscape was cleared at the Lightning Lane entrance for Dumbo.

Big Changes

Big Top Souvenirs
Credit: KtP

The best sign that “Smellophants” may be marching into the Magic Kingdom was when Disney filed a permit for work in Storybook Circus. Now we have “Big Changes” at the “Big Top”.

The above picture shows the previous ticket booth located at the entrance to Big Top Souvenirs. This ticket booth is now removed.

Big Top Souvenirs Ticket Booth Removal
Credit: KtP

This change coincides with the permit filed for the “installment of show sets”. The picture above shows the removal of the ticket window.

Possible Opening

Big Top Souvenir Refurbishment
Credit: KtP

Disney does quite a bit of work in the parks as the last guests exit each night. Removed overnight, the former ticket booth location is now “guarded” by shrubbery.

It’s pssible installation may occur as early as next week. Disney has not officially announced this, but we hope that this new experience will finally be unveiled for guests.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.