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Magic Kingdom’s Newest Experience Is Coming Soon

Magic Kingdom’s Newest Experience Is Coming Soon

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This is it! A new permit has been filed signaling the start of a new Magic Kingdom experience. Check out the full details of this new experience coming soon.

New Experience

Land Cleared at Magic Kingdom for New Experience
Credit: Donna

We have said it before, and here we are saying it again: Disney Parks are more than simply a theme park. New experiences are constantly added to enhance the Disney experience.

In July, Disney revealed a new interactive experience for Fantasyland. “Smellephants on Parade” will be a family-friendly search and sniff adventure in Storybook Circus.

This new experience, sponsored by Scentsy, will be a scavenger hunt for the senses. Although this is now seven months after this announcement, work for this new expansion has been slow.

Progress Made

Breaking: New Interactive Experience Coming to the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Back in November“Sponsored by Scentsy” was added to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction sign and on banners throughout the Storybook Circus play area.

In January, we noticed the landscape was cleared at the Lightning Lane entrance for Dumbo. We assumed this land clearing would make way for the large elephant statue in the concept art (pictured above.)

After several months, this land remains cleared with no further work. Finally, we may see progress for Smellophants on Parade.

New Permit Filed

Smellophants permit
Credit: Screenshot Orange Co., FL Comptroller

Yesterday, Disney filed a permit for 1272 Magic Kingdom Drive. This address is near both the Barnstormer and Dumbo the Flying Elephant where the Storybook Circus play area is located.

The contractor is Themeworks, Inc. for the “installment of show sets”. This gives us hope that installation work will begin soon in this area. Disney often simply surprises guests by completing work at night. Keep your eyes peeled and your noses ready to sniff out this new experience coming soon.

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