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Video: Epcot Guest Jumps in the Lagoon for $6,000

Video: Epcot Guest Jumps in the Lagoon for $6,000

The World Showcase Lagoon is the large body of water located right in the middle of the World Showcase. It’s where you can ride Friendship boats, watch the nighttime spectaculars, and…jump in for $6,000?

Guests Behaving Badly

Credit: KtP

Over the last few years, we have seen our fair share of poorly behaved Guests. Whether that be someone sticking their feet in the water on Splash Mountain, brawls breaking out, or a drunk man shutting down the Skyliner, we feel like we have seen it all.

Disney even went so far as to post a courtesy reminder on the website over one year ago. They ask us to treat others with respect, kindness, and compassion.

Those who can’t may be asked to leave Disney World.


World Showcase Incident

Credit: Monica

The World Showcase is the large body of water located in the heart of the World Showcase. 11 pavilions surround it, and it provides a stunning backdrop for your day in Epcot.

Unfortunately, we know alcohol is involved in a lot of incidents around Disney World, like the time two adults were caught on video swimming in the fountain located in the France Pavilion.

We aren’t sure if alcohol was involved in the incident that appears to have taken place on October 23. However, several videos have emerged of one guest jumping into the lagoon from the bridge in the Italy Pavilion.


Credit: Maggie

Several videos have emerged of a guest who reportedly was dared to jump into the water off the bridge in the Italy Pavilion. According to those videos, if he jumped off he would be paid $6,000.

He looks around as if checking to see if Disney Cast Members or Security are watching. Other Guests are yelling at him and when he jumps, you can even hear a “wooo”.

Credit: Susan

Other bystanders get up to see if what they just saw was actually real. Then, the man quickly swims over to the steps and gets out of the water as the person capturing the video laughs. Others cheer for him as he emerges.

We are unsure if he was escorted out of the park or what the consequences were. Here’s just one video that was captured of the incident:


Why did @Elit3Trainers jump in that freezing cold #disney #epcot water for 60k like that 😅 #disneyworld #foodnwine #halloween #bet #fyp

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Would you risk being banned from Disney for $6,000? Let us know in the comments below. And, share this post with a friend.

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Adrienne Rall

Wednesday 25th of October 2023

Make them pay A fine


Wednesday 25th of October 2023

Perhaps instead of just banning guests from Disney, Disney should also begin imposing hefty fines when guests pull stunts like this. Rules are put in place for the safety of all Disney park guests. Guests who do things like this are looking for the notoriety and usually post their antics on the internet for all to see. Law enforcement uses internet posts to catch criminals. Disney could pursue guests that pull stunts like this guy in the same manner. If Disney made examples out of enough of them perhaps this foolishness would stop.


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

Guests that do dangerous stunts like that should be banned from all Disney parks for life. Having no respect for the rules is totally uncalled for and deems the severest penalty and fine that Disney can impose.

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