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This is the Disney Television Reboot Fans Want

This is the Disney Television Reboot Fans Want

A new and exciting live-action Disney reboot is in development! Here is everything that has been revealed so far.

Disney Reboots

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Recently, Disney has been in the pattern of remaking classic TV shows and films. While Disney fans typically receive these reboots with mixed reactions, some of them have been hits.

For example, the live-action version of Aladdin was a box office smash. And, the rebooted Duck Tales television series found a huge fan base and even has its own attraction now. Moreover, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, a modern spin on the most recognizable character of all time has become a staple in many households.

Now, Disney has a reboot for another 90’s hit television series in the works. And, we think fans will like where this is heading!

Gargoyles TV Series

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If you grew up enjoying Disney Afternoons, chances are that at some point you probably stumbled across the iconic ’90s Disney animated series Gargoyles. If you are unfamiliar with it, Gargoyles is an animated television series that premiered in 1994 and ended in 1997.

The series follows a mysterious group of ancient Gargoyles who find themselves living in New York. They are stone by day, but at night they awake from their stone slumber to protect Manhattan from modern-day barbarians.

Credit: D23

It was a popular show for many 90s kids. And now, some of the very people who watched it during its original run are sharing it with a new generation of fans. If you want to enjoy the series, too, you can see all the episodes on Disney+.

NEW Gargoyles Live-Action Series

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney Branded Television has given the green light for a live-action Gargoyles TV series for Disney+. The show is still in the very early stages of production. However, if all goes well, this could be great news for fans of the original series. After all, this is one story that has a lot of live-action potential if it is done right!

A team has already been assembled to bring the ’90s classic series to life. Gary Dauberman will be writing and serving as an executive producer and showrunner. You may know him from his work on horror films such as The Conjuring, Annabelle, and Nun. James Wan’s Atomic Monster is reportedly involved with the project as well.

Disney Branded Television has a live-action Gargoyles series in the early phases of production.

Credit: D23

It sounds like a live-action Gargoyles could be a recipe for success. Of course, savvy television and film consumers know that some projects never make it out of the production phase. In fact, at one time there was a Gargoyles movie in the works, but it fizzled out. In any case, this new Gargoyles series is one project that many fans are going to be pulling for. Hopefully, more details and potential release dates will emerge soon.

In the meantime, if you want a Gargoyles fix, be sure to check out the new Gargoyles video game! We have details on Gargoyles Remastered right HERE.

Are you excited to watch the live-action Gargoyles series? Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to pass this story along to the Gargoyles fans in your life so they can get excited too.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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