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A New Trolls Rollercoaster Might Be on the Way

A New Trolls Rollercoaster Might Be on the Way

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Is a new Trolls rollercoaster in the works? New trademark filings sure do make it seem like it is!

New Attractions Everywhere

Credit: Universal

There have been a lot of changes happening around theme parks in Central Florida lately. Specifically, Universal Orlando has been making efforts to grow its theme parks that leave many theme park fans wondering if competitors like Disney can keep up!

Most impressively, work is underway on a brand new Universal theme park called Epic Universe. Meanwhile, in the existing parks, Illumination’s Minion Land just opened in a reimagined area of Universal Studio, bringing along with it a brand new attraction called Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast!

And, now it looks like we might be close to a BIG announcement.

DreamWorks-Themed Land

Credit: Universal

We are already looking forward to the all-new DreamWorks-themed land Universal announced recently! The land will include family-friendly experiences featuring Shrek, Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, and more. Guests will get to meet favorite characters like Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse and explore themed interactive play places based on the above movie franchises.

This will all take the place KidZone. You may remember several attractions in this area closed earlier this year. See the full list and which ride is safe in this post.

New Trademark Applications

Credit: DreamWorks

We all know that Universal isn’t as good at keeping secrets as they are at creating fun experiences for visitors. After all, Epic Universe was, by their admission, one of the worst-kept secrets ever. And, now we have some clues that could be helping to shed some light on more secrets.

Universal has not made any new official announcements just yet. However, we do know that DreamWorks has filed not one, but TWO new trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. They sure do sound like they might have something to do with the promised new DreamWorks-themed area.

Most strikingly, one of the trademark applications is literally for “DreamWorks Land.” So far, Universal has referred to the new themed area as “a DreamWorks land,” and has not given it an official name. Of course, it would make sense if the official name does end up being DreamWorks Land.

Credit: Universal

The second trademark application is more exciting. It is for “TROLLERCOASTER,” and the term is listed to be for use in amusement parks. Could it be that a Trolls-themed rollercoaster called “Trollercoaster” will be replacing Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster?

On the other hand, this could be for use in any of Universal’s upcoming projects. Maybe it has something to do with the new theme parks Universal is building. Regardless, we are excited to see what comes next and what Universal eventually announces and confirms! Trolls certainly would be a welcome addition to the parks. We hope to see it all come together in 2024.

Are you excited about the possibilities of DreamWorks Land? Let us know in the comments. And, feel free to pass the story along!

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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