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Where are the Cameras? A Guide to Great Disney World Ride Photos

Where are the Cameras? A Guide to Great Disney World Ride Photos

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Do you want to know where the ride cameras are on the attractions at Walt Disney World? Knowing where the cameras are is the first step to great ride photos.

Walt Disney World Ride Photos

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

One of the fun parts about Memory Maker is that select attractions in Walt Disney World offer ride photos! Some of my favorite Walt Disney World vacation photos were captured on the attractions themselves.

Even better, right now Guests who purchase Genie+ will enjoy complimentary digital downloads of their Disney PhotoPass attraction photos as an added perk! This is an exciting perk that can enhance the value of Genie+.

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

There are Photopass locations available on select attractions in all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks. Some people do not want to know where these cameras are because they might want to see genuine, authentic expressions of joy, delight, or even fear.

However, others might be looking to capture a funny or adorable ride photo. If you fall into the latter category, you have come to the right place! Here is a rundown of all the Disney attractions that offer PhotoPass attraction photos, where the cameras are, and even tips for capturing great shots.

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Katie P.

The Magic Kingdom has the most attractions offering PhotoPass, which makes sense as it also has the most rides to enjoy. This gives Magic Kingdom a bit of an edge in terms of Genie+ value.

One of the nice things about the Magic Kingdom’s offerings is that several do not have height limits. This is nice for travel parties that include members who are too small to meet height limits or simply do not like or cannot safely and comfortably enjoy thrill rides.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

One such attraction with no height limit is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This ride camera is situated in the room where you face off with Zurg one last time. This is the room you enter after you go through the dark space tunnel. You will not have control over your ride vehicle as you approach the photo. All vehicles snap into place, facing Zurg at a bit of an angle, and the camera photographs one vehicle at a time.

The camera is situated on Zurg and is very easy to pose for. However, most people are busy focusing on the targets. If you want to strike a pose do it soon after you enter the room and hold it. It can be hard to tell which flash is for your vehicle, so you might want to hold the pose through several flashes.

Space Mountain

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Space Mountain has 2 tracks, one to the right and one to the left. Pay attention to which direction you are heading in because the camera’s location is dependent on the track. If you head to the right, your camera will be on the right. If you head to the left, your camera will be on the left!

Once you are on the ride, you will start your journey and then head around a corner. The camera will capture your picture as soon as you turn the corner! Timing it just right will help you if you want to strike a funny pose.


Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Disney’s newest attraction houses Disney’s newest ride photo. The TRON photo may just be one of the coolest ride photos yet!

One of the best parts about it is that it captures the ride from both sides! This means that it is possible to get a photo of each rider without any type of worry over either rider being blocked.

Spoiler Alert: Now You Can Hop Aboard Tron Lightcycle Run
Credit: Disney

The photo happens quickly after you leave the loading area. It is taken just as you are launched toward the outside of the launch tube!

The camera captures two riders at a time. If you have an odd number in your group, and you all ride at once, you will likely have a stranger in at least one of the photos.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

The ride photo for Pirates of the Caribbean happens before the drop instead of during a drop like many ride photos. Shortly into the ride, you will begin passing beaches filled with skeletons.

If you look up and to the left, you will pause briefly for a skull mounted near the ceiling to talk to you. The camera is inside the skull, and it will photograph the ENTIRE boat. So, you will have strangers in your photo unless your travel party takes up the whole boat.

Want to get a shot of just you or your party on the boat? Save your ride for the very very very end of the evening, especially if you are visiting during Extended Evening Hours, a ticketed evening event, or any other night when the parks are open SUPER late. You might get lucky.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a ride that takes 2 photos, and Guests receive a video as well! The first is after the first hill. You will turn to the right after you pass some vultures and then swoop back to the left. The left turn is where the camera captures the photo. The camera will be on your left.

The next camera comes after you exit the cave where you see the Seven Dwarfs mining. Look to the left. You might even be able to capture a photo with props like my fellow writers.

The Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

The Haunted Mansion has one of my favorite ride photo ops. You will receive 2 copies of the photo with different effects! Both are usually fantastic if you time it right.

And, this is one of the easiest photos to time just right. It comes near the beginning of the ride, not long after you enter your Doom Buggy. You will head down a hallway and pass the floating candelabra. Next is the corridor lined with many haunted paintings on the right-hand wall. Get ready for your photo op.

You will notice your vehicle is slightly angled to give you a view of the portraits. The ride camera is inside the LAST portrait in the hallway. There is a lady lounging on a chaise, a boat tossing on the waves, a skeleton horse and rider, and finally a portrait of a Medusa lady. This lady is the ONE.

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Lightning flashes. Not only does it cause the paintings to reveal ghostly secrets, but it provides the lighting for your photo!

If you want to strike a fearful pose, it is simple enough to do. Go ahead and pose when you being to pass the pictures on the wall. Hold the pose until after you pass the last picture and move along to the next phase of your grim journey.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (TBA)

Credit: Disney

Since Splash Mountain had a ride photo, it is logical to assume Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will also have one. However, we will know more when the ride opens in 2024. For you now you make your best guess based on the most recent location of the Splash Mountain camera.


Credit: Susan

EPCOT only has a few ride photos. However, all three spots are capable of producing fun shots.

Frozen Ever After

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

This is the only ride photo available in EPCOT for a ride with no height restrictions. You will encounter it as you slide down the hill near the end of the ride.

You will know it is coming because you will see Marshmallow and all the Snowgies. Marshmallow will blow dry ice at the boat, and then it will begin the drop, and the camera will capture a photo of the whole boat, not just your party.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Guardians of the Galaxy is EPCOT’s newest attraction. The photo on this ride occurs toward the beginning of the ride. It happens after the reverse launch, as you begin to spin back around to face forward. If you look up and to the right slightly, you will see several suns. You will notice a flash as they snap your photo!

The ride camera captures a photo of one car at a time. So, four Guests will be visible in each photo. If you have a party of 4, you might want to request to all be in the same ride vehicle as you are loading.

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Here is a word of warning if you have long hair. Because of the way the ride whips around, if you do not have your hair pulled back you will have hair in your face in the photo. Keep that in mind if you do not like the windswept look in your photos.

Test Track

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Test Track’s ride camera is relatively easy to find. It can be tricky to time because it happens so fast.

As soon as you go outside, the ride sends you down a hill to launch you into your 60 MPH race around the track. The camera is at the bottom of the hill. Look up and to your right as you head down the hill. Everyone in your ride vehicle (up to 6 people) will be in the photo.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has 3 on-ride photo ops. All of them are thrill rides, and there are no rides without height limits with photos here.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster 

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

This photo happens very quickly. In fact, it is during that initial launch!

If you want to pose with rock hands or anything else, go ahead and get ready during the countdown. This is a tough one to keep your eyes open for!

Slinky Dog Dash

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

The Slinky Dog Dash photo does not occur until well into the ride. After you go over the small series of up-and-down hills, get ready.

The coaster swoops downhill and to the left. The camera is at the bottom of the hill! Look to the right to catch it.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

If you want to bring home a photo of what lies beyond the fifth dimension, you are in luck! This ride photo will happen during one of your drops! It occurs just before the drop whenever your ride sequence brings you to the top of the tower and the doors fling open.

Since the drops are randomized with 6 possible sequences, the timing of your photo will vary. If you see a flash, you know it was the right moment.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Credit: KatieP

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has very few ride photos. But, they are fun ones!


Credit: Disney PhotoPass

This ride camera can be easy to spot and pose for if you know where to find it. It is located toward the end of the ride when you face the Carnotaurus! The ride actually lingers here momentarily, giving the cameras plenty of time to work their magic.

It will capture the entire ride vehicle. However, it is possible to get this shot by yourself or with JUST your group. Simply rope drop this ride (no one else will) or ride at the end of the day.

Expedition Everest

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Expedition Everest’s photo is near the end of your adventure. After you escape from the Yeti, your train will plummet downhill. The camera is up and to the right as you head down.

Do you know someone with a trip to Disney World planned? Pass this along so they can capture all the ride photos! Do you love ride photos? Let us see your favorites in the comments!

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