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Disney shares new storyline details for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Disney shares new storyline details for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens in 2024, and now we have new storyline details for the attraction!

New Details

Credit: KtP

Here are the details, straight from Disney:

At a young age, Tiana developed a deep passion for cooking, and began to dream of one day owning her own business. Her father, James, taught her that good food brings folks together. One of the most exciting parts of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is that we’re going to see where Tiana’s life has taken her following the success of Tiana’s Palace, a restaurant she had dreamed of owning and worked so hard to make come true.


Credit: Disney

Walt Disney Imagineering is creating an original, next chapter story for Tiana. Within the attraction queue, guests will discover that she continues to grow her business with Tiana’s Foods – an employee-owned cooperative. Combining her talents with those of the local community, Tiana has transformed an aging salt mine and built a beloved brand.

The endeavor began when Tiana purchased the salt mine and the area surrounding the large salt dome it operated from. With the help of her mother Eudora, Naveen, Louis and fellow owners of the cooperative, Tiana revived the old salt mine and the surrounding land, growing a wide array of vegetables, herbs and spices for her recipes.

Credit: Susan

This multi-faceted enterprise has turned the aging salt mine into a space that has come alive. Complete with a boutique farm and both a working and teaching kitchen, Tiana’s Foods is where Tiana and her colleagues create all sorts of new products that they are bringing to the world, including a line of original hot sauces.


Credit: Disney

Tiana wants to give a big thanks to her family and friends and the entire community for all the support they’ve given her by throwing an amazing party during Mardi Gras season. When it turns out there’s been a bit of a mix–up with the party preparations, Tiana invites us to meet her at Tiana’s Foods to help with the missing ingredient for the party.

When we arrive, we may see that Tiana spruced up the company’s facilities with vibrant art from local artists. Food for the party is being prepared and beignets are being loaded into crates for the celebration. All kinds of preparations are underway for the journey into the bayou with Tiana, along with new and familiar friends from the animated film.

Credit: Disney

Picking up where that story left off, Tiana continues bringing people together with Tiana’s Foods, another treasured meeting place to spend time together and celebrate a diverse community. Tiana is also working with cooperative members to teach gardening and cooking to children of all ages, and inspiring other women to run successful businesses as the brand grows nationwide.

What do you think of these new details? Did Imagineering do a good job with the storytelling so far? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend!

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Aqueize K Mobley

Wednesday 14th of February 2024

Ok, the rest of us will gladly go!! ☺️

Linda Smith

Wednesday 6th of September 2023

I loved the Song of the South music & the beautiful ride. Wish they had left it as it was. Love Disney.


Wednesday 5th of July 2023

These disney geniuses have a ludicrous story line. NOLA is below sea level therefore there are no salt domes there Salt domes are west of New Orleans . All graves in N.O. are above the ground because the city is like a bowl. Beignets are cooked in grease and served immediately with powdered sugar, not "packaged" as in this silly storyline. . Disney only knows how to make a square doughnut , put ice cream on top and sell at Port Orleans FQ resort and call it Beignets. True NOLA Beignets have an air pocket unlike a doughnut and is never served with ice cream , only lots of powdered sugar. These chefs just make dishes up and label it as authentic cuisine. We are orinially from B.R. Louisiana 40 min from NOLA until 3 yrs ago when we moved to Orlando after retiring. My father was born and Raised on St Charles Street in NOLA. Looks like the boat ride will exit down the original (splash) mountain. I can hardly wait to hear how they will explain a mountain in the delta. Cant call it a salt dome as those are below the ground. Cant call it a hill as there are hills in northern Louisiana ONLY.


Wednesday 7th of June 2023

I am Ok with this change leading people with ugly thoughts in their hearts (like those who have comment earlier) to avoid Disney.


Sunday 5th of February 2023

This whole retheme was a cart before the horse operation. Iger wanted to get rid of SotS and get PatF and instead of doing something for PatF with a fresh perspective, they shoehorned it to get rid of Splash. Instead of looking at how to redo Splash Mtn without "racist theme" and redo again let's just mash in PatF. Now the story reflects that.

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