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For the first time Disney World halts new sales of this for the busy holiday weekend

For the first time Disney World halts new sales of this for the busy holiday weekend

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Don’t miss this first ever change that may affect the way you plan vacations at Disney World during busier times now.

Holiday Crowds

Credit: KtP

It’s President’s Day Weekend in Walt Disney World. One thing we have learned is that there really isn’t a “low season” at Walt Disney World anymore. However, major holiday weekends can take the crowds from high to massive.

If you are going to be in Walt Disney World for President’s Day Weekend and the following week, which coincides with the runDisney Princess Half Marathon, be prepared for it to be extremely packed!


Credit: Susan

Whether you love it or hate it, Disney’s Genie+ service is here to stay. This is paid service that allows Guests to reserve a Lightning Lane for many attractions around the parks. For a full guide to purchasing Genie+ head over HERE.

Thanks to variable pricing, we have seen prices increase and decrease depending on a variety of factors. Some factors are due to holidays and other times, prices are largely dependent on crowd expectations.

For example, after the busy holiday season came to a close, we saw a dramatic decrease in the price. Take a look at this post HERE to see just how low the price was compared to what they were with the holidays in full swing.

Sales Stopped

Credit: Susan

Expect busy crowds when you see a pricing spike in Disney Genie+. Yesterday, the price soared to $29 per person. Check out details on this pricing and high wait times yesterday HERE.

Unfortunately, today’s crowds aren’t any better. It seems that guests would rather pay more money for Genie+ than wait in huge lines. When visiting Disney World, it really is a balance of time and money. It will be interesting to see how prices fluctuate going forward.

Credit: Screenshot of My Disney Experience

However, today something has happened for the first time since Genie+ started at Disney World, it’s sold out! That’s right! Guests can no longer purchase Genie+ today. Sales will resume again tomorrow.

Today for the first time, Genie+ sales have sold out at Disney World!

What do you think about Genie+ selling out? Are you glad that Disney is actually limiting sales? Please tell us in the comments below or share this post with a friend.

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Ella Harmeyer

Monday 20th of February 2023

My take on genie+ has been a bit different than some others. Paying for it has not been my chief complaint. The rules that do not let a guest PLAN their time is what bothers me. What I miss most about fastpass+ is not being able to pick the service ahead of time and thus plan my vacation before I get there so I can enter the "bubble" when I get there and leave the real world. so I would like to be able to purchase genie+ ahead of time for my trip... pick about 3 rides for each day and have choices for the times of those rides. any additional rides could be chosen one at a time as with old and new system. This would allow me to put my phone away for hours at a time. The saddest thing about genie+ is how glued to our phones it requires to use it. And while everyone is glued to their phone they are missing all the little details that make Disney World parks so special.


Sunday 19th of February 2023

First step toward upper limit on ticket sales every day. With those staying on property having bought tickets when they booked their rooms having first crack. No more special tickets for locals. No longer needed to fill up parks.

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