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Disney World cracks down on a table-service loophole

Disney World cracks down on a table-service loophole
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One table-service loophole allowed you to get a lot more than what you were paying for. Now, Disney World is cracking down on to ensure the loophole is closed.

Prix Fixe Meals

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Disney loves to offer prix fixe meals in its restaurants. What is a prix fixe meal? It is a meal that has a set price and set number of appetizers, entrees, or desserts offered per person. Usually, it will be one of each, but some prix fixe meals only offer one course.

For example, California Grill currently has an $89/person prix fixe meal where you can order one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert. Over at Cinderella’s Royal Table, your set price for breakfast includes a plate of pastries and one entree.

Prix Fixe meals offer a set price and offerings.


Credit: Susan

At many of these restaurants that offer a prix fixe menu, you can actually order more than what is offered. Oftentimes, servers are not very strict on how many sides or entrees you order. For example, you could order a quiche with a “side” of steak (which is not actually a side but an entree without the egg).

Over in our Kenny the Pirate Crew Facebook group, we just learned that Topolino’s Terrace is cracking down on this “loophole” by not allowing Guests to order more than one true entree off the menu. This means no more mixing waffles and steak or ordering part of an entree as a side.

Credit: Susan

So far, we have not heard reports of other restaurants closing this off. However, I would not be surprised if we begin to see this across the resort. I can definitely see Disney wanting to maximize their profits and keep food costs down.

Do you ever order more than one entree? What do you think of Disney closing this loophole? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend.


  1. Disney an ALL these changes are going to lose so many many loyal guests. Maybe that is what they want. New addicts. So sad to be treated this way after 50

  2. I have never ordered an extra anything. Maybe French fries instead of rice or a different vegetable. And I will gladly pay , if the price is extra.

  3. At Topolinos, the menu is a set fee no matter what entree you order. $45 flat fee. So ordering steak with a side of waffles is exactly the same as ordering waffles with a side a steak. If they limit to just 1 entree item it will be too pricey to just order waffles in my opinion.

  4. We were just at Disney around mid January and our waitress at Topolino’s actually suggested we order more than one entree. I wasn’t really that hungry but ordered a side of eggs for my 2 year old. My husband ordered the steak entree with a quiche side. So it may just depend on your server.

  5. My kid just wants waffles with a side of waffles. He won’t eat the bacon, sausage, potataoes, or fruit cup that are the “side” options. I guess this means that won’t be allowed?

  6. What a shame ! Yes we did order two entrees at Topolinos character breakfast last August . We were told about being able to do this by our server ! I think the meals are so VERY expensive anyway so a little perk is nice and I’m sure wdw are making enough profit on the meals !
    Okay and understandable IF they are bringing back the dining plan !!
    Money grabbing again Disney . I will be at okw on this Thursday and will just bring our own food . We can’t afford to eat at wdw restaurants anymore !

  7. We were just there on the 28th and my mother was able to order (at the suggestion of our server) the waffles and a side of the creme brulee french toast. We also got a side of eggs for my son so he had enough protein with no issues. I guess I am curious to what was actually refused to make these claims as this was not our experience only 1 week ago.

  8. Ordering waffles and then getting a side of steak is a lot more than ordering steak and asking them to throw a waffle on. That is definitely taking advantage. If you order an upgrade you should pay for it1

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