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You need to know this before your next trip aboard the Kilimanjaro Safari

You need to know this before your next trip aboard the Kilimanjaro Safari

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Do you enjoy climbing aboard Kilimanjaro Safari while at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? You need to know this important tip in case the unexpected happens.

Kilimanjaro Safari

Credit: Maggie

Kilimanjaro Safaris is a staple at Animal Kingdom. The experience takes guests on an 18-minute tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. 

Here, guests can encounter a variety of animals. During the ride, they might spot lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, warthogs, rhinos, giraffes, okapi, and dozens of other species of threatened and endangered animals.

Part of the beauty of the attraction is that no two tours are ever exactly alike! The time of day, weather, and unpredictable animal behaviors can affect what you see each time. At times the Cast Members are just as surprised as the guests as they journey through the safari.

Important Planning Tip

Credit: KtP

Many guests visiting the Disney Parks make detailed touring plans to enjoy fun attractions, enjoy entertainment, meet their favorite characters, and enjoy great dining locations. At times attractions may break down or have unexpected delays. Typically attractions resume, but at times ride evacuations take place.

These are occasional, but over at Kilimanjaro Safari, delays may happen more frequently. Recently we were aboard the Kilimanjaro Safari and we had made it almost to the end of the safari. As we approached the Nigerian Dwarf Goats our ride vehicle unexpectedly stopped.

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

We soon discovered that a ride vehicle ahead of us experienced mechanical difficulties. Our Cast Member asked for us to all remain seated and assured us that our ride would resume shortly. It took closer to 20 minutes for our ride to resume.

The Cast Member assured guests that these delays happen often with both ride vehicles and animals blocking the driving path. Any guests concerned with return times affected by this delay were asked to visit the Cast members at the entrance to this attraction.

Cast Members offered recovery passes to those guests with affected Individual Lightning Lanes and Lightning Lanes. They can also help with dining reservations.

Caring for Giants
Credit: Susan

Ride delays occur quite often on the Kilimanjaro Safari. Be sure to check with Cast Members if a delay affects your existing reservations.

If you plan to visit Kilimanjaro Safari, you may want to allow a little additional time. Your 18-minute safari ride could take a bit longer.

Have you ever been delayed while aboard the Kilimanjaro Safari? Has an unexpected ride delay caused you to be late to a reservation while in the Disney Parks? How will this affect your next trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Jimbo Jones

Monday 13th of February 2023

And this is why Disney is slipping. A ride break down causing delay (not animal in the parh) and Disney only caters to those that spent even more money than their normal gate fee. Just got back from Universal, we were on Spiderman, it broke down/stopped for about 5 min, as we got off a crew member apologized to each person and handed them a fast pass (with ride restrictions) but not one of us expected to get anything for our delay. The little bit extra is what Disney used to have before it became run like the local carnival trying to swindle every dollar from your pocket.

Karen Ellingsworth

Monday 13th of February 2023

Yes, was on Safari. A Giraffe STOPPED cold o the driving path. It was right after park opening. The driver explained animals have right away. Had to call a " keeper" truck.They brought food to lure Giraffe off the path. Was 15-20 minutes. But, AWESOME !!!Great pics of Giraffe. Fun!!

Marty Coons Kaplan

Wednesday 8th of February 2023

One time a baby giraffe decided to sit down right next to the edge of the road and we sat there until baby giraffe decided to move. It was so close it was amazing. I am sure no one was worried about the extra time.

susan a lawless

Tuesday 7th of February 2023

I got stuck on it once. An ostrich leaned into my window and was quite intent on pecking me! They had to radio for someone to come and move the ostrich away so we cou;d continue. Now I feel like ostriches hate me, but I havent done a thing to them!


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

For sure! At least you still get to see the animals and you are sitting. Kids may get antsy though.....

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