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Disney bans reselling in one of its theme parks

Disney bans reselling in one of its theme parks
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Disney is cracking down on reselling. It is now banned in one theme park!


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While not illegal, reselling has become a major problem for Disney in recent years. Reselling is essentially purchasing an item or even special-event tickets and then reselling them to make a profit. Disney attempts to limit reselling by enacting limits on how much one person can buy. They also limit transferring tickets to other people.

Unfortunately, there are still ways to work around those limits. Reselling has become such a problem that Disney is even threatening to revoke annual passes if you are caught reselling.

Reselling Banned

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Tokyo Disney recently updated its Usage Agreement. Part of that update includes a new item in the Prohibited Acts section.

“Purchasing products or souvenirs for the purpose of resale” is now a prohibited act. It may get you removed or even banned from the park. This goes into effect on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

Reselling items is now as serious as altering theme park tickets and violence towards a Cast Member!

It remains to be seen how exactly this plays out in real life and whether Disney would ever be able to prove someone is reselling.

Will other parks follow?

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This is such a significant problem at Disney theme parks around the world, we wonder if maybe other parks may do the same. We have seen reselling issues with the Figment popcorn bucket, Galactic Starcruiser exclusive merchandise, and just about every other exclusive collection.

Significant mark ups for Oogie Boogie Bash tickets are also to blame for the almost immediate sell out of the event this past summer.

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It is clear that reselling merchandise and tickets are a major problem for Disney. It limits the accessibility of these items and discourages Guests.

What do you think of reselling? Should the practice be banned in Disney theme parks around the world? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Yes, I’d love to see resellers banned from purchasing large amounts of merchandise. Limits should be linked to APs or a guest registry that tracks amounts purched daily. Resellers can get around limits by buying at multiple registers, stores, parks, resorts, etc. each day. Resellers shouldn’t be allowed to purchase at any special events either.

    If Disney wouldn’t limit availability of so many things and made much more merchandise available on ShopDisney, true fans could get more items for themselves. Disney should also allow APs to get their no exception discounts (just like on property) on ShopDisney, which has too many sale exclusions on it. Making event tickets non-transferable is good, too.

  2. Disney is actually pretty good at tracking resold merch, especially those bought with a discount. They can flag purchases bought with an Annual Pass or Cast Discount as possibly belonging to a reseller.

  3. if you make so many of a product, you flood the market and there is no money to be made by reselling. Disney enjoys the profit they make by charging exorbitant amounts for special events and special items. The people eat it up. Disney is just mad they are making that money too!

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