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Bob Iger is alarmed by big Disney Park Price Increases

Bob Iger is alarmed by big Disney Park Price Increases
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Want to know what Bob Iger may address first now that he has returned as the Disney CEO? Find out his greatest concerns from the past few years below.

Bob Iger Returns

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

After recently renewing Chapek’s contract to end in 2025, the Disney Board fired Bob Chapek as CEO and will replace him with his predecessor Bob Iger for two years. The timeline for the exit of Bob Chapek was a very swift one. Check out full details HERE.

The choice to remove Bob Chapek as Disney CEO was based upon poor fiscal fourth-quarter earnings that were shared earlier this month (according to CNBC). Part of this poor earnings was tied to Disney+. This led to the swift firing of another Disney executive on Monday. See more about this HERE.

Now that Bob Iger is again head of the Walt Disney Company we all have hopes of what he may change. We now see Iger’s greatest concerns over the past few years as former Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, was in office.

Iger’s Growing Concerns

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It is no shock that Bob Iger had concerns regarding Bob Chapek. The Wall Street Journal shares a growing list of concerns that Bob Iger had concerning the reign of Bob Chapek. According to The Walt Street Journal, on more than one occasion Bob Iger shared that Chapek is “killing the soul of the company.” Many confidants shared Iger’s concerns that Bob Chapek is taking “Disney in the wrong direction.”

According to Walt Street Journal, on more than one occasion Bob Iger shared that Chapek is “killing the soul of the company.”

Wall Street Journal

In September 2020, Disney announced massive layoffs for many Cast Members. This string of layoffs continued throughout the holiday season. According to Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Iger wanted to delay any COVID- related staff cuts until the Cares Act, a massive spending bill…meant to blunt the pandemic’s economic impact was signed into law. That way, laid-off Disney employees could take advantage of its protections.”

Credit: KtP

Many Disney guests are curious if the theme parks may benefit from Bob Iger’s return to the Walt Disney Company. According to Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Iger was alarmed by increases in prices at Disney theme parks that Mr. Chapek argued would boost revenue and limit overcrowding.”

This was no doubt an increasing concern when we shared massive price increases across the Disney Parks including food, ticket prices, merchandise, and more.

“Mr. Iger was alarmed by increases in prices at Disney theme parks that Mr. Chapek argued would boost revenue and limit overcrowding.”

Wall Street Journal

We hope that the fact that Bob Iger was alarmed with pricing may lead to a change in prices across the Disney Parks in the coming months. We are hopeful that the soul and magic of the Walt Disney Company will return now that Bob Iger is back.

What do you think of these concerns? Do you think Bob Iger may change pricing at theme parks and the park reservation system? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. If Disney wants to stay in business they might want to take a look at pricing. Their stocks have fallen. Take a look. It’s a vacation place not a mandatory place to vacation. If the average person wants to spend that money they will and are going else where. It may appear by numbers that Disney is doing well but it is slowly pushing everyone out the door. I agree that if people don’t like it don’t go. Well, Disney needs people to go or they will end up closing its gates.

  2. I don’t foresee a price reduction. I do foresee measures being taken to increase value, either real or perceived, which may be in the form of new perks or even the return of some that were taken away. I see annual passes returning in a basic version form and a premium form that includes weekends; maybe an ultra premium that includes holiday periods. Time will tell and Mr. Iger may only lay the groundwork for big changes to come under a new CEO.

  3. Disney USED to treat people like true guests “once upon a time”. Back when I was a child, I left my teddy bear at the Contemporary Resort and it was mailed back to us with a thoughtful note. Good luck receiving that level of courtesy out of Disney now. I used to go often but REFUSE to waste my money there now. It is NOT the same place it once was.

  4. Bwah ha ha! HE IS CONCERNED??? I’ll just bet he is. He needs to talk to the board about how the parks are making record money. He needs to talk to the CFO who thinks we’re all too fat, so she recommended smaller food portions, and then, why not jack up all of the prices too?!?! And check out how many people are buying the Individual Lightning Lanes and the Genie Plus, so they must LOVE it, right??? Charge people out the ying yang and that will limit the crowds, won’t it?? NO. NO. JUST NO. It’s possible to have a ‘magical’ time if you aren’t afraid to dig DEEP and throw money at it. Then every week, prices go up AGAIN. UGH.

  5. How could he be so removed that he didn’t know that Chapek was pricing the average family out of the parks? I don’t believe it for a minute.

  6. Wow, @Wanda. How will all of this personally affect and kill you? It won’t. Life goes on – no one exists to please you and Disney does not need your permission to operate. Also, it must be nice to live in a fantasy world, never leaving the house to experience the real world that all of us “woke” people live in. If you despise Disney so much, stay away, stay off this website, and live your life. Sounds like you just want to have something to complain about.

  7. We used to go a year and are now down to less than once a year due to prices, crowding in the parks and no fast passes. I hate Genie+ and lightening lanes as they don’t work well and expensive.. Don;t like gettig up at 7am. Want to book fast passes 60 days out and easy to change them..To bring this back I would pay $15 a day if it works well. Need to take care of the crowding!

  8. If people think this man is shocked by increase, you are fooling yourselves. Don’t hold hold your breath for prices to come down. No coincidence that he waited to take over after price increase announced . Iger , just like chapek and the board , are all for schools here in Florida talking to children about their sexuality.He’s just as woke and placed all those woke executives in place while he was CEO. I witness a man dressed in a women’s dress costume with a bow in his head on main street during the Christmas party last week. Chapek allows this and so will Iger and their hand picked execs to push their agenda. This is only about the money and stockholders.

  9. We used to spend more on Disney because we felt happy after we visited the parks. The parks are now far too expensive and stressful. The visits are not as fun as they used to be, so we cut our spending on food, merchandise, hotels, Disney cruises, Disney movies, treating out-of-town guests to Disney visits, etc. While the prices have increased, we have lowered our annual spending on Disney products by thousands of dollars.

  10. I used to run a small mainly summer business for a friend. As weather began to cool off business dropped off. I suggested he run a sale and drop prices 25%. He balked big time and increased prices by 10%. Business became almost nonexistent. He finally let me drop prices by 10% of the original price. Business picked up. I think Disney would benefit from the same sort of thing.
    I used to take my son twice a year. We are now down to once a year if that.

  11. Disney use to be a family place to go and felt special as for now with price increase begin to think twice about going or telling people about going and how Disney treats people i will see if the average person or me will go

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