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Disney is going above and beyond for Guests staying at their resorts right now

Disney is going above and beyond for Guests staying at their resorts right now

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Many Guests are seeking shelter from Hurricane Ian at Disney World. See how Disney is really going above and beyond to make this as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Extended Meal Services and Buffets

Credit: Monica

With the parks closed right now, anyone staying at Disney World is currently sheltering in place at their resort hotel. Could you imagine having to weather out the storm in a tiny hotel room with little to no food and activities? If you were lucky enough to grab groceries and/or have a full kitchen in your hotel room it would be a lot easier. But what about those Guests who do not have access to full kitchen?

Well, Disney is going above and beyond for their Guests. Table service and quick service restaurants ARE open during this time. Earlier we also shared meal kits began to roll out this morning. Guests have the option to purchase boxed meals that are easy to eat in their room.

Credit: Monica

However, more than just that, Disney is offering extended meal services and buffets at select resorts. For example, we have seen that the Boardwalk is offering a buffet in its conference center for only $15/adult and $8/child. With food one of the biggest expenses for many Disney World Guests, I (Monica) love that Disney is not monopolizing on the current situation.

Other restaurants like Sanaa also plan on extending their menus and offerings during this time. This is incredibly helpful to those who spent so much time and money planning this trip only to be affected by a hurricane.


Credit: KtP

While characters are currently not available at hotel restaurants, some are making their rounds throughout the lobby areas of various hotels! This helps provide normalcy and comfort, especially for young ones who may be confused about what is happening.

Many resorts are also hosting various activities like movies and trivia. You can read about that HERE.

These are simple acts that show Disney is taking care of their Guests and want to make this as pleasant an experience as possible. We continue to pray everyone in Florida stays safe!

Are you staying at a Disney hotel during this time? How is Disney helping you? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Saturday 1st of October 2022

I was not staying at a resort but at an Airbnb until this past Friday . Our last 6 tickets to animal kingdom was canceled due to Ian . Disney customer service has been no help with a solution since I will not be able to afford another trip to Disney for at least a couple of years . I have been on hold for an hour and a half with guest services and they never picked back up when I suggested how about a refund for the six tickets . I hope I can get my money back for the six tickets

angela roma

Thursday 29th of September 2022

Yes at Animal Kingdom all staff working hard to keep us safe.


Thursday 29th of September 2022

Hopefully they are giving everyone tickets to go to the parks another time. That is the real expense. Arcade money is nothing to Disney. They arent gonna lose money. Thats why food isnt free. Glad they are at least trying to make kids happy. The last few times I went to Disney it was all about customer service or magic anymore. Its sad.


Thursday 29th of September 2022

Our resort closed.Disney moved us over to Art of Animation. They have had characters, games and movies in the lobby all day until the shelter in place went into effect. They made all the games in the arcade free to play. If you have to be stuck riding out a hurricane, Disney is the place to do it


Thursday 29th of September 2022

Yes above and beyond! They have bent over backwards to keep people happy. At the contemporary the arcade games were all free, the characters were out to meet and greet , movies, games all set up on convention center floor. Halloween bags full of candy, puzzles and games 25% off in gift shops and those are just the things I observed. Yes we had to pay for food, but they were also giving so many little things away to maybe make an unhappy child smile. Last night they brought flashlights to the rooms in case we lost power. Other than not going to the parks, it’s been all right

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