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Disney World Resort Merchandise Limits and Activities During Hurricane

Disney World Resort Merchandise Limits and Activities During Hurricane
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As Hurricane Ian reaches closer to the Orlando area and to Walt Disney World, resorts around the theme parks have implemented limits on certain merchandise in their stores. Additionally, guests who are currently at the resorts have many different opportunities to experience the Disney magic.

Limits on Essential Purchases at Resorts

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While staying at a Disney Resort at Disney World, guests will find the opportunity to purchase essential items such as toothbrushes, baby food, toiletries and snacks. This is extremely helpful especially when one forgets to bring such items during ones vacation!

Snacks such as beef jerky, donuts, pop-tarts, bread, chips and salsa, peanut butter and jelly have become quite the golden ticket at many Walt Disney Resorts today as Hurricane Ian has reached landfall in Florida.

Due to high demand, Guests are limited to two (2) of each item. Thank you for your understanding.

Walt Disney World resort hotels have begun preparing special menus for guests staying in the resorts. However, it is no surprise that guests would want to purchase extra snacks to have in their resort rooms during the storm that is making its way towards Walt Disney World.

Activities in Walt Disney World Resorts

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It also comes with no surprise that while all four theme parks at Walt Disney World are closed both Wednesday and Thursday, resorts are providing a variety of activities for guests. These activities include dance parties, Bingo, Disney trivia, indoor campfire, PJ dance party and movies. Offerings for activities vary from hotel to hotel.

What wonderful activities for both adults and children who may find themselves in this situation for the first time which of course would lead to nervousness and being scared. It is great that Disney is able to comfort in this time of need.

Would you feel safe staying at a Disney Resort during a hurricane in Florida? What activity would you look forward to the most? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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