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Disney World takes final steps towards new normal

Disney World takes final steps towards new normal
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With the p-word effectively “over” in the United States, Disney World takes its final steps towards its new normal.

Return to normal

Photo credit: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel Temperature, Model: our very own KtP editor Monica

Almost everything about the Guest experience changed with the reopening of Disney World in July 2020. From lack of FastPasses and dining plans to the implementation of various safety measures, it has been a very different experience for those who have visited in the last 2+ years.

Way back in May 2021, I (Monica) predicted Disney World would return to normal sooner rather than later. You can read that post right here.

Credit: KtP writer Susan

And, for the most part, I think I was correct. We have not seen masks or plexiglass in months. Social distancing signs and temperature screenings are a thing of the past, and crowds are back to normal.

While some “new” things are here to stay (like park passes), we have largely seen Disney World return to normal rather quickly.

Covid warning gone

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One area that we have not seen many changes is the Disney World website. Disney had a giant warning at the top of the website labeled Covid-19 warnings and information for several months after the parks reopened, but they were simplified a bit as time marched on.

Now, that warning is completely gone from the website. However, the “returning to a world of magic” portion of the website still remains. The removal comes just hours after President Biden declared that the pandemic was “over” in the United States.

Disney World removed its covid warning from the top of its website.

What do you think of these changes? Do you believe the pandemic is truly over? What other covid-related items online or in the parks remain? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook. You can also join our friendly KtP Crew and continue the discussion there.


  1. C’mon man.. soon. Two years and can’t park hop till 2pm… Annual passes being blocked all the time during busy times… Hardly normal… Don’t mind making a reservation but as the top annual pass no one should have to worry about not getting in.

  2. The pandemic maybe over but precautions still need to happen. I was just at Epcot and I wore my mask the entire time, something I intend to do going forward.

  3. The reason this didn’t work isn’t because the things you listed didn’t work … it’s because soooo many people “stomped their feet, whined, and carried on like a toddler” when the CDC suggested all of them .. and DIDNT DO THEM !! This attitude lead to the mandates… and even that didn’t get some people to do them they just threw tantrums when told they couldn’t shop in a store or whatever … those people became the transmission people and kept it going in the US for far longer than it had to and far longer than other countries.

  4. I miss when we could actually afford Disney. Now the passes are ridiculous and you have to pay for that fast pass line now some rides that’s the only way to be sure you get a chance to ride. I feel like Walt would be disappointed that his world where all families could have a wonderful time together has become too expensive for the average income family to visit. We miss our passes but it’s just not possible now for us and a lot of families who previously had them. Okay that’s my rant sorry everyone just a long time Disney nerd.

  5. The time has come to end the reservation portion of visiting Disney World. We have been going there for 45 years and the most frustrating is planning a trip and then get nasty weather and have a lousy day rather than just going at leisure

  6. The emergency part of covid is over. Yes it’s a virus and people will get sick, Nothing new or different than other respiratory viruses that circulate ie influenza.

  7. COVID pandemic isn’t over…. We might be in a low transmission period because of season which allow people to be outside. I know too many people that are still contracting COVID and are getting quite sick from it.

  8. Given that we caught Covid, for the first time in 2.5 years while at Disney (and yes, we’re very sure that us where we got it) basically ruining our dream vacation. I think it all quite premature.

  9. You know, you did not necessarily get covid at WDW. However it is here to stay in one form or another. So closing things down, social distancing, fever checks, masks, and finally vaccines, none of this worked. The only thing people can do is take care of themselves. You can wipedown and disinfect things and surfaces until your blue in the face, it will not guarantee immunity from what now is really a just a nasty flu. Time to move on. Take care of you.

    • I believe that much of that has to do with hiring issues. There’s still a lack of cast members. Disney has hiring forums and offers sign on bonuses to attract new CMs.

    • Dining plans involve discounts. Discounts haven’t been necessary to attract guests up to this point. We will watch and see if they return in the future.

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