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Breaking: Disney releases new information for annual pass changes

Breaking: Disney releases new information for annual pass changes
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See all the new changes and prices here.

Disney annual passes

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When both Disney World and Disneyland closed in March 2020, many changes took place. Among those was their annual pass programs. At one point, you could not purchase new passes for either coast for several months.

In August 2021, Disney finally announced new/modified programs at both Disneyland and Disney World. There are now more tiers, higher prices, and different park pass allotments.

However, that was short lived as many of the tiers sold out. They have been unavailable for months. Most Guests who want to purchase new passes or let their passes expire are out of luck. If you currently have a pass and are even considering visiting in the future, keep your pass current! Do not let it expire!

Renewals coming soon

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Disneyland Magic Key renewals will open on August 18, 2022. However, they will not return in their original format. There will be changes!

First off, the Dream Key is replaced by the Inspire Key. This is Disney’s most expensive tier. Second, all tiers are more expensive now. Here is the pricing:

  • Inspire Key: $1599 (6 park passes at a time, free standard parking)
  • Believe Key: $1099 (6 park passes at a time, 50% off select parking)
  • Enchant Key: $699 (4 park passes at a time, 25% off some parking)
  • Imagine Key: $399 (2 park passes at a time, 25% off some parking)
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All of the above Keys will have blockout dates. No pass will have access to the parks 365 days a year. Both the Inspire Key and the Believe Key will have PhotoPass included soon. All of the tiers get a 20% discount on Genie+.

At this time no new passes are available. This is for renewals only. Renewals begin August 18 no earlier than 9 am PT. A virtual queue system will be in place, so be sure to get in that queue early!

What about Disney World?

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While annual pass renewals are still available at Disney World, many are wondering when they can purchase new passes. We briefly covered this recently.Experts claim Disney is waiting for the economy to worsen before resuming the sale of annual passes.

“Disney doesn’t have much of a reason to bring back the full slate of annual passes right now. Disney World is generating record revenue and operating profits with fewer guests than before,” said Rick Munarriz, an analyst for the investment website The Motley Fool.

Credit: KtP

“Disney’s annual passes will come back when the global economy buckles to the point that visitors can no longer pay the cover charge for a Disney gated attraction. Annual Passholders have a right to be ticked off. The experience isn’t the same if you’re not going to pay to play. Mickey Mouse moved their cheese.”

Are you a Disneyland Key holder? Are you happy to see news for renewals? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Best way to show Disney that they’ve messed things up is to not go there. Vote with your wallet and like any corporation, they will have to follow.

  2. Oh Deb, praying and being hateful in the same sentence. So typical. I wish we would have had a better warning. Now my kids have passes and I don’t.

  3. Disney is no longer the Happiest! You may absolutely love Disney but the crap that people are going thru is ENOUGH. The RESERVATION crap just simply SUCKS! attendance is ridiculous all year and now the holidays are coming so the attendance will not only be disgustingly over crowded it will definitely get worse! The WOKE movement is so prejudice it is racist against plain White People. Thefts in the parks is sky rocketing never had this problem before. Wait time are ridiculous. Fast pass always worked no reservations worked prices were bearable now because of all this disgusting change Disney is under fire by the Governor. You are loosing people and eventually it will catch on too you that there other parks in the area to go to DISNEY is NOT the only PARK! WALT DISNEY WOULD BE A JOY LIKE DECADES BEFORE if you just showed your appreciation to the people instead of forcing us to begin to despise you and go elsewhere.

  4. This is pretty sad that Disney world wants the economy to be that bad before they open up their annual passes again. This reservation system just has to end enough is enough!!

  5. If being “woke” means supporting diversity and acknowledging inequities that exist in our country, then I’ll buy a pass to replace your one. That being said, this article has nothing to do with your political beliefs.

  6. I am lost on this. I am a new annual pass holder. Yes there are block out days. No weekend and special holidays. But for the price I think it is a real value. Pass holders get free parking. A $25.00 value. I go once a week. Different park each week. So if you go a lot then the value sure is there. For a Florida resident it’s $205 a year plus $19.00 a month. So that breaks down to $36.00 a month and I go at least four times a month. If you think of it this way. If I paid parking that would be $100 a month. So I am saving $64.00 a month on parking and getting into the park for free.

  7. I’ve been an Annual Passholders for the last 10 yrs. I renewed this summer which will be my last time. The magic isn’t there anymore. Disney has become just a normal park. The extras that made you feel special isn’t there. It’s sad. I find a lot of guests are rude & I hate hearing about the castmembers being yelled at by these rude people. When my passholder pass expires next summer, my visits to WDW will reduce to 2-3 days/year.

  8. I’m sorry, “family unwoke values?” Please explain how an article about the price of an annual pass and the economy warrants a comment about your politics. I’m so tired of reading comments about this kind of thing. Your worldview is fragile, we get it. Your internet protests are exhausting.

  9. This is SO stupid! Why do we have to suffer because one person bought their Key pass with the intent on suing Disney because of the reservations. So now I loose my 365 day access and have to pay more for less benefits?! Really! As a stockholder and a Key holder, I pissed. I feel a class action against the one guy who sued Disney forcing them to change all this cause he either couldn’t/didn’t read the agreement or planned the lawsuit all along and ruined it for everyone else!

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