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Big frustration for guests park hopping at Walt Disney World

Big frustration for guests park hopping at Walt Disney World
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Do you love to park hop while at Walt Disney World? What would you do if you encountered this frustration?

Park Hopping

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Disney implemented the park pass system in July 2020 to help spread crowds out among its four theme parks. In addition to valid park hopping tickets or annual passes, Guests must now reserve the park they would like to visit for each day of their trip.

Previously, the Disney Reservation Calendar allowed booking through the end of 2023. This has recently been extended through January 2024.

In addition to park passes, hopping is still limited to 2:00 pm and after. Before March 2020, anyone could freely come and go unless a park had reached capacity. With this new change, you may be waiting much longer to head to another theme park.

Even amid various rumors, park hopping remains in place at 2:00 pm for guests.

Frustration for Park Hoppers

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If a guest purchases Disney Genie+ for the day and they have the ability to park hop (park hopper ticket or an Annual Passholder), they can make a Lightning Lane selection for another theme park.

Today, what seems to be a new update is causing great frustration for guests hoping to park hop. A crew member shared this screenshot as they attempted to make a Lightning Lane selection for Journey into Imagination with Figment.

Credit: Screenshot MDE

This crew member was met with the frustration to select a new time that is included in the park hopper option. Previously if a guest was in Animal Kingdom and wanted to hop to EPCOT to enjoy Journey into Imagination with Figment, they could stack Lightning Lane selections at a second park even before the 2:00 pm time frame.

With this new update, in order to book a Lightning Lane in a different park (park hopping) guests must wait until the Lightning Lane return time is at least 2:00 pm to make that Lightning Lane selection.

What do you think of this new update? Do you enjoy park hopping while at Walt Disney World? Will this update affect your next trip to Walt Disney World? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. This makes sense to me. Disney is letting the people who make a reservation for a particular park to select their LLs first before the 2:00 park hop time. Guests who are park hopping will only be allowed to choose among the less popular attractions and the less popular times for the park they are hopping to. This is the end result of Disney not having enough top level attractions in each park to accommodate the number of guests in the parks. This rule doesn’t bother me. Disney just needs to get rid of the rule that you have to physically visit the park for which you have a reservation before you can park hop. This rule discriminates against guests who are physically disabled.

  2. One almost has to believe that Disney is trying to kill itself. Disney needs to get back to pre covid asap. I have no intentions of bringing my family with current limitations. Bring back magical express, the abilty to freely park hop and the dining plans as they were in the past, along with raping cutomers with their wallets. It’s just not a magical experience under this management

  3. My thought is do away with the park reservation all together! It’s time to get back to normal and let us go to the parks when we want and not a scheduled time! Thank you

  4. I was there recently and got individual lightening lane for a park that I was hopping to that afternoon. Makes sense to me if I’m not able to go in till after 2 I could only select times after two. I made my reservation for 2:30 pm that morning at 8 am.

  5. On our last DVC trip (in May), we spent little time in the parks. For the first time ever, we rented a car and went outside the Disney bubble, visiting museums, shops, and restaurants. It was wonderful!

  6. I think the whole thing is killing the Disney magic! Walt must be rolling over in his grave over all of this. This was never his vision. I just spent 8 miserable days at Disney….. no laughter, just frustration, disagreements, and disappointments! We WERE annual passholders and are DVC members since 1996 and ate considering not buying annual passes as well as spending our next vacation at WDW without parks.

  7. The current and last CEOs are pretty much killing Walt’s vision of an affordable park the whole family could enjoy together. They are also driving away the fans who visit several times a year with their short term thinking catering to visitors who will spend lots of money on one visit vs those who visit multiple times and actually spend more overall.

  8. Me and my girlfriend been pass holders for over 20 years we remember a time when you bought a pass put your finger on the reader and go in and they’re making it way too difficult the new CEO Mr topic likes raising prices to make all the shareholders happy they making it too difficult to enjoy yourself a lot of the magic has been gone and erased from Disney I think Disney himself will be rolling in his grave he see how things are I’m not going back no more

  9. I’m with Heather. I’m also contemplating renting and using the cash to enjoy other vacations. Or, just using the resorts and amenities without park visits!

  10. HI ! I believe the old rule was that you were allowed to place your request at anytime for an ILL for the park you plan to hop to that afternoon. Only times after 2 PM would pop up. Now you have to wait until until after 2 PM to even put in your request.for an afternoon ILL.. Please correct me if I”m wrong.

  11. Are you able to purchase Individual Lightning Lane rides in the morning at a park you will hop to after 2 pm? Of course after visiting your first park pass park for that day…

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