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The New Season 3 Bluey Episode You Will Not See on Disney Plus in the USA

The New Season 3 Bluey Episode You Will Not See on Disney Plus in the USA
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Bluey Season 3 has finally arrived on Disney+. But did you know there are episodes you will NOT be seeing in the USA?

Happy Bluey Day!

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August 10, 2022 has finally arrived. This marks an exciting day in the world of children’s television. Today is the day that the first half of Bluey Season 3 comes to Disney +.

You can read Maggie’s initial announcement as well as a look at how Bluey rose to global success right here.

What is the deal with Bluey?

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For those who have not been formally introduced, Bluey is a smash hit children’s TV series streaming on Disney+. This amazing cartoon comes to viewers all the way from Australia. The show follows the day-to-day lives of two blue heeler pups, sisters Bingo and title character Bluey, and their interactions with parents Bandit and Chilli. The family lives in Brisbane, Australia and they spend their days finding bits of magic in the mundane.

Each episode of Bluey is only 6-7 minutes long, yet it packs an endless amount of quality messaging into such a small space. Adults and children alike giggle, laugh, and sometimes even cry as the sweet and sometimes deeply emotional stories unfold. This is a show that the whole family can enjoy!

The Missing Season 3 Episode

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While the first half of the brand new Season 3 episodes are available on Disney+, if you compare the season to the episode list in Australia, you will notice one is missing. The missing episode’s title is “Family Meeting.”

Those who have been watching the series in the US through other means called it. Many fans postulated that Disney+ would not release Disney+ “Family Meeting.” Truly, it looks like those suspicions have been confirmed so far as it is not on Disney+ today.

The “Family Meeting” episode opens with a discussion about, to put it lightly, “passing gas” in the face of one’s family members. The heelers refer to the result of the act as a “fluffy.” This is the discussion that many fans suspect kept the episode out of the Disney+ line-Up. However, no official reason has been confirmed.

Will We Eventually See it on Disney+

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It is possible that the episode will be released if and when Disney+ releases the second half of Bluey Season 3. Sixteen additional episodes have already aired in Australia, and hopefully, we will see them in the US before long.

However, this seems doubtful we will see “Family Meeting” since it appeared within the first 25 episodes in Australia. After all, there are episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 of Bluey that did not make the Disney+ cut in previous seasons.

Other Missing Episodes

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One of these missing episodes is called “Teasing.” It is in the Season 1 lineup in Australia. This episode originally contained a phrase that could be considered derogatory towards African and Indigenous people.

Ludo Studio and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation cooperated to re-script and edit the episode, replacing the term with a nonsense word. Neither the original version nor the edited version ever made its way to Disney+. However, you might have seen the new edit on Disney Junior.

A Season 2 episode called “Dad Baby” also never made its way to Disney+. This episode has an open discussion about childbirth between Bandit and Bluey.

Credit: Disney+

Of course, if you compare the Disney+ version to the original, you will notice shifts here and there where something did not translate quite right or where a scene was cut. For example, one Australian episode shows Bluey and a friend react after a pony creates a pile of manure, but this scene was cut for US audiences.

All things aside here’s hoping that you enjoy season 3 on Disney+ and that none of the episodes you decide to rank on IMDB are attacked by Internet Trolls.

Are you excited about the new Bluey episodes that DID drop on Disney+ today? Let us know in the comments or join our friendly crew to continue the conversation on Facebook.


  1. I’m sorry, have you not seen family meeting? I don’t see a problem with kids learning about farts. Have you ever been in school to know what jokes go around? And yes, maybe people don’t need to see someone ‘give birth’ in a cartoon with dogs. But I personally think there are worse kids things on Disney+. They should just put a warning on it.

  2. Alright let me kill 5 birds, with one stone number one, why we have Deadpool and daredevil is because if you have the same PG-13 roof all the time, people are going to get bored, number two I’m not surprised Disney is doing this, yes just by reading this article family meeting is suspect, to the point where I have to question the animators at ludo studios for example dad baby why would you want kids seeing people giving birth in a TV show they don’t need to see that, and the fact that you would try and defend this episode makes you suspect.

  3. Seriously, a fart….Disney is allowing so much other garbage through, and a fart gets banned?! We should be normalizing bodily functions, not shaming or hiding them. Disney literally cut the cheese.

  4. I am soooo sick if Disney + trying to be so proper and woke. Jeez passing gas is now politically incorrect and horse manure. Get real Disney, these things actually exist in everyday life and children see them or experience them all the time without any mental hardship or permanent damage. I’m super disappointed in this.

  5. Disney in it’s everlasting wisdom AGAIN trying to make decisions for everyone ITS A KIDS SHOW if it’s ok for kids in Australia why not the kids in the US ??? And I have to agree with the comment above it’s got to be better then what they have been putting out lately

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