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Grab this MagicBand+ while it is still available

Grab this MagicBand+ while it is still available
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This is it everyone! Disney’s MagicBand+ finally made its anticipated debut this week, but were you able to grab the ones you really wanted? Act fast because one particular MagicBand+ is once again available.


credit: Disney

The new MagicBand+ will light up and even vibrate depending on where you are located in the Parks. Guests can even have a whole new experience in Batuu as a Bounty Hunter!

The MagicBand+ went on sale just a few days ago. Annual Passholders and Disney Resort guests (pre-arrival) were able to make selections earlier in the morning the day they were released. Check out the special pricing and all of the great design choices HERE.

Long Lines and more

Credit: Jamie

The release of MagicBand+ did not come out without some frustration. The morning of the release, we saw huge lines all over the parks for guests waiting to buy them! Check out the lines and how long people were waiting in this post HERE. We also saw some guests accidentally throw away one important item that is absolutely necessary!

While guests were able to buy a new MagicBand+, some guests might not have been prepared for it to come not fully charged. Guests were reporting the new MagicBand+ was not fully charged, leading many of their brand new purchases to be completely dead during their day at the parks. So, word of advice. Bring a charger or two or maybe even three along with you so that your devices will always have a good charge.

‘Partners’ MagicBand+

Credit: KtP

One very popular MagicBand+ was so popular that it quickly became unavailable to guests both in the parks and online. That was the ‘Partners’ MagicBand+ shown in the picture above. It is not too hard to see why this one was so popular as it features the Partners statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse! I (Maggie) definitely ordered this one for myself.

Hurry and get your ‘Partners’ MagicBand+ now while it is still available at the Walt Disney World parks!

We are pleased to report that this MagicBand+ is now available at Walt Disney World parks again for purchase. This MagicBand+ costs $44.99 without discounts. At the time of writing, this is still NOT available on shopDisney but IS also available for pre-arrival guests.

Have you purchased a MagicBand+ yet for yourself to use on a future trip? Were you hoping to grab the ‘Partners’ MagicBand+ but found that it was not available? Will you be buying one now? Tell us which ones you got for yourself in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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