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Nice Upgrade is coming to Disney Cruise Line

Nice Upgrade is coming to Disney Cruise Line
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If you have a Disney Cruise coming up, you may be excited to see this new upgrade!

Disney Cruise Line

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Not only does Disney have destinations around the world, they also have a fleet of ships that travel the seas! The new Disney Wish will soon join Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Dream traveling around the world.

Destinations include Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, and Disney even has its own private island called Castaway Cay. To read all the latest planning and reviews, see our page dedicated to Disney Cruise Line HERE.

New Upgraded Internet

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One of the many amenities on a Disney Cruise ship is the opportunity to stay connected to family, work, and social media via internet connection. Maggie outlined all of the internet options and pricing in this post.

Currently, there are four options:

  • Pay-As-You-Go – This is the one to pick if you are not sure about how much data you will use or how much you will be online. You can add a package at any time if necessary. Cost: $0.25 per MB
  • Small – Good for occasional use. You might use this one if you want to check your email and that’s really it. Cost: 100 MB $19.00 ($0.19/MB)
  • Medium – This is for moderate use. If you want to keep in touch with your friends and post about your tropical vacation, go for it! Cost: 300 MB $39.00 ($0.13/MB)
  • Large – This will cover everything. You can stream movies, access email, and keep up on social media. Cost: 1,000 MB $89.00 ($0.09/MB)
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney is reportedly transitioning to different internet options. According to @DLPTownSquare, Disney Cruise Line is now offering internet data packages based on level of access and time period durations as apposed to packages of a certain amount of MB (shown above).

Prices range from $10/day for a basic “stay connected” package to $30/day for a premium “surf” package that allows you to steam music and videos and make video phone calls. See the full details in the tweet below:

From there, you can choose how many devices you need the plan for and how long you wish to use it. You can purchase it for 24 hours up to the entire length of your cruise. Many see this as a positive upgrade that is long overdue.

We are unsure if this will extend to the other ships (right now, the Twitter user is on the Disney Magic) and when that timeline may be.

What do you think of Disney Cruise Line internet? Are these prices too much, or are you willing to pay them? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. I enjoy intentionally not having access. It really adds to the experience. No distractions, just enjoy myself and family.

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