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New Developments in Florida’s Fight Against Disney World Pass Senate

New Developments in Florida's Fight Against Disney World Pass Senate
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Florida’s fight to dissolve the Reedy Creek improvement District passes another hurdle. See what this may mean for Disney World and your vacation.

Florida vs Disney World

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The state of Florida and Disney World have been in a heated match the last several weeks over House Bill 1557 – also called the Parental Rights in Education. According to flgov.com, “the bill prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade and prohibits instruction that is not age appropriate for students and requires school districts to adopt procedures for notifying parents if there is a change in services from the school regarding a child’s mental, emotional or physical health or well-being.”

You can read more about this in our story HERE.

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The tension between the company and the state continue to get worse as state Republicans look to repeal the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967. Essentially, the law states that Disney is its own governing body in the two cities and land within Orange and Osceola counties.

They can make their own laws, zone their own land, and essentially do whatever they want within those limits. By stripping the company of those abilities, Disney would be regulated by Orange and Osceola Counties.

The state called a special session to address this issue, and we now have an update.

Bill Passes Senate

Credit: flgov.com

The Florida Senate met yesterday, April 19, to discuss dissolving the Reedy Creek District. According to the Orlando Sentinel, today the Senate voted 23-16 to dissolve Reedy Creek, with Sen. Jeff Brandes of Pinellas Park the only Republican to vote against Sen. Jennifer Bradley’s bill. The Senate voted 24-15 along party lines to approve Bradley’s bill retracting the Disney carveout, which was found unconstitutional by a federal judge.

The decision comes shortly after the news that the $2 billion bond debt Disney owes would be passed on to local taxpayers if the bill passed. One source indicates each family would be assessed a $2,200 tax bill.

What does this mean for Disney and your vacation?

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The bill is not signed into law yet, and we are unsure what next steps Disney will take (if any) in response to the passing of this bill in the Senate. Florida lawmakers in the House will now vote on it.

I’m guessing taxpayers won’t be happy at all to pay those tax debts, and visitors should probably still expect to see more price increases to compensate for any hidden debts or fees.

Additionally, if the bill becomes a law Disney will lose its self-governing powers, and that would be very bad for the company, the parks, and its projects.

What do you think about Disney possibly losing its self-governing powers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls (I do not consider this phrase offensive in any way),
    Say what you will but this seems to a self inflicted wound all on Disney’s mismanagement and inability to respect everyone’s values that frequent the parks. Possibly remaining neutral would have been to the benefit of all-maybe that would be a good course of action, putting out a statement saying that they will maintain a neutral position in the future in order to not alienate any of their customers? At the moment Disney does not seem to be directly engaged in trying to change a child’s identity but by their actions they do seem to be promoting it. Yes it does seem that it would be illegal to discuss intimate subjects with K-3 age children but apparently not-do some research there are quite a few videos showing it being done as well as parents being upset about materials of this nature being brought home. Thus the need to make it an offense-this is what the Governor of Florida did by passing the bill. Again the bill protects the rights of parents and their very young K-3 age children. Is it really a form of persecution if someone thinks something is morally wrong and against all their values? Is that person just supposed to accept it? Possibly the term socialism would be better applied to what some of these teachers have been teaching without the parent’s knowledge. Some would say that a teacher pushing an agenda or their personal beliefs day after day which is outside of learning essentials is indeed grooming. It also seems that every time a certain group mentions that something is offensive changes are immediately put in place. It is possible that maybe the following are offensive to others. Turning a supposedly family friendly entertainment business into a mouthpiece for your personal agenda with no apparent regard as to how it effects others. The rising cost of everything-yet there is apparently millions of dollars available to be given to an activist group. Unable to purchase an annual pass because there is more money to be made if a family buys tickets every time they visit the park. DVC owners yearly fees continuing to increase. Telling everyone that the reservation system is in place to limit the crowds yet the parks are slam packed and the wait times are in the hours for some of the rides. As a final note I have two boys that are now fully grown. On Halloween (when they were about the K-3 age) one was Spiderman and the other was The Hulk. After Halloween they always wanted to wear their costumes as they figured they were now Spiderman and the The Hulk. I cannot remember trying to go find a radioactive spider or find a gamma radiation field to help encourage this behavior-they grew out of it. I also coached little league and had a few boys that liked to chew on blades of grass. They are all grown up and I see them every once in a while so I guess they grew out of it and are not living in a pasture. That being said do young children really have the ability to decide who they are at such a young age or even when they are going through puberty. I never considered my mother an incubator-do not think I ever heard that one before? My mother was my mom and my father was my dad. They taught me about the intimate subjects growing up (all the way through high school in fact). And teachers, well they actually taught me the learning essentials.

  2. Disney isn’t trying to change your child from straight to gay or transgender. What is wrong with teaching your child to be considerate of people different than yourselves. I thought is was illegal for teacher to discuss sex in any form with young school age children. Disney hasn’t abuse that “privilege” at all. I thought the founder of this country were trying to escape all kinds of persecution in Europe to be free to live their lives how they wanted to here. Seems to me the Florida Governor is persecuting people for their beliefs and ways of life –seems like that goes against the constitution and could be considered socialism.

  3. It’s great. Finally, a government with some backbone. Disney is the one cutting off their nose to spite their face here. They are willing to coddle to the extremely small minority of people who want to normalize gender dysphoria and want to promote it to children at the expense of what made them all their billions, normal families!

  4. Your comment is beyond ridiculous. Not every trans child knows at a young age and to push it nip on children and confuse them further is harmful to the children. Whatever you have decided to be is your choice not all parents want their children exposed to it.

  5. Keeping in mind that ‘no teaching about sexual orientation’ applies to straight as well as LGBTQ orientation. Along with dad and dad this makes talking about mom and dad in class illegal along with anything else related to straight gender roles or orientation.

  6. Disney is getting what it deserves. I’m a DVC member, past annual passholder and now a frustrated Disney nerd watching the dream crash. Stockholders were told not to move Bob Chapek in as President and the move was made anyway. He now has an amusement park mixed into politics and is getting all the perks pulled from the company like he has done to all the loyal Disney fans and tourists. Disney will never get back what they are losing and it all points to the top guy.

  7. Ummm you all are fool if you think this is the first time Disney has dealt with politics. They donate to the GOP and have been for years. Do your homework people.

  8. K-3 teachers barely have enough time to use the restroom during the school day. They have neither the time nor desire to teach your children anything about sex. My husband is a third grade teacher.

  9. Your comments are homophobic AND misogynistic. A woman is not your incubator. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but trans people know they are trans at an early age. Forcing them to be hidden in the early years is a form of discrimination .

  10. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
    Ok so let’s see if I get this right. I am a company (Disney) that operates pretty much autonomously (self-governing) within a state (Florida). So even though this is the case I decide to challenge a law passed by the state Governor (the law being one that provides protections for parents and their children in grades K-3 with regard to age appropriate material being taught-basically let’s teach the children the essentials). This sure does not seem like good business sense to try to interfere with a state law when it really does not apply to your operations. Apparently this offends a certain group of individuals-possibly this group feels that a K-3 teacher is better suited to address intimate subjects with a child than the parents who are raising that child? So Disney decides to go on a crusade for the offended group (the same Disney that has turned into a billion dollar empire with the cash flow from families looking for family friendly (age appropriate) entertainment. The parks are overflowing right now. Are the board and upper management so arrogant that they feel they can do no wrong since the business is in such high demand? If certain privileges for the business are taken away they will just keep passing them on to the customers and they will pay whatever the cost is-family of five tickets for only two days is around $1500 non-resident now? Disney just so happens to be expanding their entertainment into the Middle East-they are less than receptive to the type of beliefs of the “offended group” (was this just some sort of virtue signaling on the part of Disney to quiet the offended group). Is there a need for children to be “groomed” at a young age, giving them hormones that might render them infertile or performing irreversible operations? Quite a few videos available with teachers instructing that do indeed show there may be a need to be “phobic” about the subject. It also may be a mute point that the local tax payers will foot the bill for Disney losing its special privileges. Orange and Osceola county will likely be dipping into those huge profits to make them cover the costs.

  11. It won’t be affecting my vacation at all…Disney vacations for me ended when they attacked the family, children and became political. We have since “found” the Florida’s Keys. Marathon Florida and Isla Bella. Check it out. My grand daughters couldn’t be happier. We have wonderful memories of Walt’s Disney of the past. That will have to suffice. Go woke Go broke, Disney.

  12. Not only will the taxpayers see their tax bill go up, but the two counties will now need to pay for the services that Disney now provides. Counties will need to take over the road maintenance, fire and emergency services, water /sewer services and garbage services. Let’s see how the FL governor and lawmakers can talk their way out of this one!

  13. Desantis is a fool. Cutting off his nose to spite his face. When Floridians taxes go up, they will not be happy. Its a stupid, homophobic law an it takes the public focus away from the ineptitude of FL government.

  14. Just spent over $16,000 there in January of this year. WAS planning to go again in a couple of years, but after Disney & Chapek threatened the Florida government over the Parental Rights Bill, I had decided to spend my vacation $$$ Elsewhere. Disney needs to keep its nose out of politics and go back to taking care of their middle-class guests!

  15. I’m glad there are repercussions for Disney placing itself into politics concerning parental rights. Not giving another dollar to that company because my values are no longer in alignment with theirs. Creeps

  16. Disney should not have placed itself I to politics. I am sure the 2billion dollar bo d debt will be placed on Disney somehow.

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