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Now you can Watch the Controversial We Don’t Talk About Bruno Oscars Performance

Now you can Watch the Controversial We Don't Talk About Bruno Oscars Performance
Credit: Disney


Did you miss the performance of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” at the Oscars? We have the video for you here so you can weigh in on the discussion.

We Don’t Nominate Bruno

Credit: Disney

Despite the fact that We Don’t Talk about Bruno was a smash hit and broke records, it did not receive an Oscar nomination this year. You can see why they probably should have been talking about Bruno right here.

Instead, Disney submitted the Spanish ballad Dos Oruguitas, and it walked away without the award for best song. However, Encanto and two other Disney films did receive awards that you can read about here.

The Performance

The lack of a nomination did not stop the Academy from having a performance on the show. We Don’t Talk about Bruno was slated for its first-ever live performance!

Needless to say, considering the song’s popularity, people were excited about the announcement. In fact, I know quite a few Disney fans who tuned into the show just to see the performance, so if the motive for having the song performed was to attract viewers, it worked.

A Mixed Review

Now We Can Talk about Bruno in 21 Languages
Credit: D23

Sure, this Oscars show had plenty of Hollywood-style controversies, including the interaction between Will Smith and Chris Rock, but Disney Fandom was rocked by a different occurrence. It seems that many thought that the performance was a bit of a slap in the face to Disney fans after tuning in and waiting with much anticipation only to be disappointed.

While some argue that the performance, particularly the rap section from Megan Thee Stallion, brought some spice to the otherwise stuffy evening, many Encanto fans were unimpressed. The song started off true to the film, but it suddenly shifted into a new version, and the shift cause the ruckus.

The Performance

We Don’t Talk About Bruno (Live at The Oscars 2022)
Credit: Disney Entertainment Studios

We have the video for you right here from Disney Entertainment Studios. As you can see, the song lyrics turn into an Oscars rewrite at 1’19”.

I guess I get it. It’s an Oscars show, so it makes sense that the performers would sing about the Oscars. But, they left out so many good parts!

No “7-foot frame/rats around his back/when he calls your name/it all fades to black.” No, “He told me my fish would die/the next day/DEAD!” They missed lots of the good stuff. I (Katie) would have preferred they get back to the original song after the Megan Thee Stallion rap section. Instead, the performance’s ending fell apart like Casita.

Credit: Disney

Many people despised the whole thing. In fact, some of you probably feel it was three minutes of life spent that you’d like to have refunded.

Oscars Bruno Antidote

Credit: Disney

I have to say, I personally prefer the Country Bears’ rendition of the song. If you haven’t seen it, head over here.

If you need an additional antidote for the Oscars version, I can’t heal you with a meal, but I can suggest you try listening to the song in 21 languages. You can find that video here.

Finally, if that doesn’t cleanse your musical palate, you can watch the performance from the beloved Dapper Dans. Head over here to see it.

Alright Bruno fans, it’s your turn to weigh in. Did you love Oscar’s version of the song? Did you despise it? Let us know in the comments or join our friendly crew to continue the conversation on Facebook.

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  1. I think that the rap part was cool at the Oscars but I personally would have loved to see the regular version of the song live sung by all the actors from the movie. I think that if We Don’t Talk about Bruno was the song nominated it would have won. The song is so popular.

  2. Yup- could submit only one and the song is supposed to capture the essence of the movie. They chose Dos Origuitos for that reason- but agree Bruno would have been a great choice.

  3. I don’t understand why they didn’t choose “Don’t talk about Bruno” as best song over the other one. This was more popular. I also didn’t care for the remix, personally.

    • I wonder if they could only submit one. According to Disney, they selected it because it is a ballad, just like the winners they have had in the past.

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