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Now We Can Talk about Bruno in 21 Languages

Now We Can Talk about Bruno in 21 Languages
Credit: D23


If you love Encanto, you will enjoy this new music video. It is a brilliant blend of languages and a beloved Encanto track!


Credit: Disney

It is no secret that Disney’s Encanto has captured the hearts of movie watchers everywhere. This film has had mass appeal with adults and children alike.

It has also had appeal with film critics. In fact, it claimed the Golden Globe award for Best Picture-Animated.

Credit: D23

It also drew a nomination for best song for the beautiful Dos Oruguitas. Why it didn’t win is beyond me (KatieP). In fact, I think it should have gotten more than one nomination in the category, but that’s just me.

The Music

Credit: KtP

The music of Encanto has grabbed the world’s ear as well! In fact, I bet many of you reading this are singing or humming “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” right now. And if you weren’t, it’s in your head now that you read this reference. But, really, is there a better song to have in your head? No, no, no?

Love for Encanto’s songs became evident on the Billboards. The soundtrack jumped to #1 recently, becoming the first film soundtrack since Frozen II to reach the top.

A New Music Video, Yes! Yes! Yes!

Credit: Disney

Now, there is a treat for Encanto and Disney music fans circulating the internet. DisneyMusicVEVO has released a video of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” that features the lyrics in 21 different languages from around the globe.

And, this mix is seamlessly and magically done! I am so impressed with the smooth transition from language to language.

Credit: D23

Throughout the video, you will hear: English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Bahasa Malaysia, German, Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Danish, Russian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Italian, Euro Portuguese, Dutch, Taiwan Mandarin, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Thai.

You can watch the video right here! If you look at the captions, you will be able to see which language is stepping in. Enjoy this magical rendition of the smash hit song.

Various Artists - We Don't Talk About Bruno (In 21 Languages) (From "Encanto")
Credit: DisneyMusicVEVO

Did you love this video of We Don’t Talk About Bruno featuring 21 different languages? Let us know if you start getting it stuck in your head in various languages! Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook Page.

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