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One of Disney’s Beloved Resident Animals is Turning 20

One of Disney's Beloved Resident Animals is Turning 20
Credit: Disney


You have got to see what Disney is serving up on this cake! Join us in celebrating a very special birthday for a very special anteater.

Disney Conservation

Credit: Disney

Disney’s passion for wildlife is not confined to the boundaries of Animal Kingdom and the aquariums in Epcot. It extends to the magic of wildlife across the planet.

Disney Conservation has been working to protect the magic of wildlife for 26 years. Since 1995, the organization has directed $120 million to organizations working to protect wildlife and inspire others to take action.

Some of your favorite Animal Kingdom residents are a part of Disney Conservation. And one of those animals just turned 20!

Happy Birthday, Annie!

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science, And Environment

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is celebrating Annie the Anteater’s birthday! She turned 20 years old, which seems like a ripe old age for an anteater.

You can find Annie at the Oasis in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Many guests zip right past this area, so don’t forget to slow down and say hello to some of these magical creatures when you visit the park.

A Special Cake!

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science, And Environment

For her birthday, Annie’s keepers created a special cake fit for an anteater! Not only is the cake a treat, but it is also part of her animal enrichment.

The cake was made of her favorite treats, including sweet potatoes and avocado. A sprinkling of insects completed the dish!

The keepers set up a camera to see Annie’s reaction to the cake. You can watch a video in this Instagram post by @drmarkatdisney! Just press play below to see for yourself.

Credit: @Drmarkatdisney

What do you think of this sweet little anteater party? Would you want ants sprinkled on your cake? Which Animal’s birthday would you like to celebrate?  Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook.

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