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An Honest Review of Joffrey’s New Strawberry Fields Refresher

An Honest Review of Joffrey’s New Strawberry Fields Refresher

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Joffrey’s Flower & Garden offerings have arrived. Here is an honest review of the Strawberry Fields Refresher.

Joffrey’s Flower & Garden Limited-Time Offerings

Credit: Jordyn

If you are heading to Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and need a pick-me-up, Joffrey’s has you covered. The coffee company has rolled out some limited-time offerings, especially for the festival.

All four of these beverages are tea refreshers. They are lightly caffeinated and iced to give you a cool, refreshing sippable treat on a warm day.

The Options

Credit: @Joffreyscoffeeandtea

The different drink options are served at four different Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company locations around the park. So, if you want a specific flavor, be sure you head to the right spot! You can order them spiked or not.

At World Discovery (Near Mission: SPACE), you will find the Minty Melon Refresher. A lightly caffeinated blend of watermelon-cucumber-mint juice with strawberries and blueberries goes into this drink.

Near Canada is the Strawberry Fields Refresher. This drink features a lightly caffeinated blend of strawberry açaí juice with strawberries and blueberries.

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Credit: Susan

If you head to the location in World Showcase near Disney Traders, you can order the Pink Paradise Refresher. This one is a lightly caffeinated blend of refreshing dragon fruit-lychee juice with strawberries and blueberries.

Finally, The American Adventure is host to the Wildberry Wonder Refresher. This drink is a lightly caffeinated blend of wildberry-hibiscus juice with strawberries and blueberries.

Strawberry Fields Refresher

Credit: Katie

So far the only one I have had a chance to try is the Strawberry Fields Refresher near Canada. It was really a purchase of necessity.

I was returning from picking up my AP magnet and making a quick stop in Hollywood Studios to swap out some defective merch. Needless to say, that little jaunt was more tiring than I anticipated. It left me needing a pick-me-up, and Joffrey’s was right there when I realized I needed it!

The Strawberry Fields Refresher did its job. It gave me the nice chilled beverage I was craving, and it perked me back up for the rest of the day.

Credit: Katie

Flavorwise, I was left unimpressed. On the plus side, this refresher has the rare distinction of not being too sweet. Mine was very lightly sweetened, and I was glad of it. So often drinks can taste way too sugary, but this was not so with Strawberry Fields.

On the other hand, mine did not have strawberries in it like the promotional photos, which was disappointing. Also, the flavor fell a bit flat. I do like subtle flavors, but this drink was on the spectrum of watered down and bland.

While it certainly is not a bad drink, it is forgettable, and I wish the Cast Members had told me they were low on strawberries. Would I order it again? Probably not, especially since there are so many other fun things to try.

Have you tried any of the Joffrey’s Flower & Garden Refreshers? Are they on your wish list?  Let us know in the comments or join our friendly crew to continue the conversation on Facebook.

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