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Most Popular Disney ride fails to open

Most Popular Disney ride fails to open
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What would you do if you wanted to ride the most popular Disney ride only to find it closed?

Attraction Closures

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Rides close for a number of reasons. Disney may need to perform extended maintenance so the ride closes for a refurbishment. This is very common, and in fact, sometimes those refurbishments are even extended. Just this week, we shared that Expedition Everest will remain closed longer than originally planned.

Other times, a portion of a ride closes. Perhaps work on part of the attraction is needed, but closing the entire ride is not necessary. This is currently happening at Tower of Terror. We saw extremely high wait times the other day as Disney closed down some of the elevators.

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Sometimes attractions close due to unforeseen circumstances. If the ride breaks down and Disney cannot immediately get it back up and running, Guests may be forced to evacuate the ride. We saw this with Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster this week as well.

As is the case today, an attraction may not open at all.

Rise of the Resistance

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The hottest attraction in all of Disney World continues to be Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It has been open since December 2019 and continues to draw wait times of 100+ minutes at any given time. During busy weeks, the wait time can hit 250 minutes!

Because of the consistently long waits, many Guests rope drop this attraction early in the morning. If you have access to Early Theme Park Entry, you can take advantage of this and ride a few headliners first thing. Unfortunately, it seems that Rise of the Resistance continually has problems and fails to open to Guests until later in the day.

Today, February 26, Rise of the Resistance is still closed at the time of writing (11:30 am). It has not opened at all today. This must be so disappointing for those who got to the park super early to rope drop or those who bought the and Individual Lightning Lane Selection to ride.

Other Unintended Consequences

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This is also increasing wait times across the park. Right now, Tower of Terror has a 115 minute wait. Slinky Dog Dah has a 110 minute wait. Posted at 105 minutes, many are waiting for Smuggler’s Run.

Hopefully this attraction is up and running soon! Keep checking My Disney Experience if you are in the park today hoping to ride.

Why do you think Rise of the Resistance continually breaks down? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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