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Disney Announces a New Live Action Adaptation of a Classic

Disney Announces a New Live Action Adaptation of a Classic
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The live action remake pattern continues. Disney has announced a new live action remake is in production.

Reboots Abound

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If there is one thing we have seen a lot of over the past few years, it is live action Disney reboots. Disney has been working its way through its intellectual property putting new spins on beloved tales.

Quite a few fan favorites now have both animated and live action variants. Among the titles that have been given live action makeovers are Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, DumboMulan, and Aladdin.

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More recently, Disney announce a Little Mermaid reboot is on its way. And now Snow White, Disney’s original full length animated feature is also receiving a live action makeover.

Of course, these remakes have been met with mixed reviewsSome people love them because they love the stories in any form.

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On the other hand, some people loathe them. They wonder, “can you really improve on some of these classics?”

Regardless of fans’ feelings, these reboots aren’t stopping any time soon. It is possible that the entire library of animated classics will see a remake of some sort whether it is a live action reboot or a villain backstory.

The Latest Live Action Remake

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Depending on your stance on live action remakes, the news will either have you purring with delight or saying “boo, hiss.” Without further ado, the film selected for Disney’s newest reboot recipient is none other than The Aristocats!

This 1970’s feature anthropomorphizes cats and puts them in the center of a romantic musical. When Duchess, a wealthy feline heiress, and her kittens Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse find themselves kidnapped and left to their own defenses, ally cat Thomas O’Malley rushes to their aid. Together they embark on an adventure to find home.

The Details

Credit: D23

This film is in the very early phases of production, so very little is known. According to IMDB, Will Gluck and Keith Bunin are collaborating on writing the script. You might recall Keith Bunin wrote Disney’s Onward.

It is rumored that the film’s style will be similar to that of 2019’s Lady and the Tramp reboot. The film about puppy love came straight to Disney+.

Credit: Disney+

Will it be the cat’s meow, or will audiences be saying “you’ve got to be kitten me”? Only time will tell.

Are you excited for this live action remake? Or are you feeling catty about it? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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