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A Magic Kingdom rollercoaster has extended downtime

A Magic Kingdom rollercoaster has extended downtime

Guests looking to hop on one of Magic Kingdom’s mountains are met with some disappointing news. The coaster is currently experiencing extended downtime.

Frontierland Closures

Credit: Susan

Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland has two of the park’s biggest coasters: Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Splash Mountain is currently closed for refurbishment. This is simply an annual refurbishment and not an extended closure for a Princess and the Frog retheme. Every year around this time, the ride typically closes for annual maintenance. Who wants to get wet in the middle of the January, anyway?

The other coaster, Big Thunder Mountain, is unfortunately also closed today. But, it is not for a refurbishment.

Extended Downtime

Credit: Susan

Big Thunder Mountain failed to open with the Magic Kingdom this morning, January 19. Guests who headed to Frontierland to rope drop the ride were met with disappointment.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad failed to open this morning at Magic Kingdom, and it is still closed.

They could not even hop over to Splash Mountain since that is closed, too! What a bummer for those who walked all the way over there…unless you wanted to rope drop Pecos Bill tacos.

When will it reopen?

Screenshot: MDE

It is shortly before 11:00 am at the time of publication, and according to My Disney Experience Big Thunder Mountain is still closed. That is 3 hours of closure. Depending on what the issue is and how long it takes to get the attraction open again, it could be later today.

We suggest heading over to Liberty Square to ride Haunted Mansion or get on Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. If you’re set on riding a coaster, Space Mountain is the only “mountain” remaining this morning!

Are you at Magic Kingdom today? Are you disappointed Big Thunder Mountain is closed? Share what you did instead by commenting below or on Facebook.

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