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An Exciting Expansion is Coming to Toy Story Land!

An Exciting Expansion is Coming to Toy Story Land!
Credit: Disney

An exciting new expansion is coming to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This will definitely make your experience more pleasant!

Toy Story Land

Credit: Disney

One of my (Monica) favorite areas of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Land. The area is so cute, and it’s fun shrinking down to the size of a toy to play in Andy’s backyard.

Slinky Dog Dash is a favorite attraction among families because of its height requirement. With a minimum height of 38″ it is one of the first rollercoasters young children can enjoy. Toy Story Mania and Aliens Swirling Saucers are the two other attractions to enjoy.

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Right now, there is only one dining location in Toy Story Land: Woody’s Lunchbox. The quick-service eatery serves totchos, grilled cheese and soup, and BBQ brisket sandwiches! There are plans to add a sit-down restaurant, but that area is blocked off with walls and we haven’t heard much about it.

So, you will understand when I say Woody’s Lunchbox is very crowded at certain times of the day with only one small restaurant in the area. Outdoor seating is the only option, and it can be very hard to find a table during busy meal times.

An Expansion

Credit: Maggie

It appears that Disney is planning to expand the area! There is currently a row of bushes along with some black scrim blocking off what appears to be more outdoor seating for Woody’s Lunchbox.

We are unsure just how much seating Disney plans to add, but this will be a welcome addition to the area. Shaded areas are hard to come by as it is, and Woody’s Lunchbox seating is the only spot to get some respite from the sun.

This will also help alleviate the crowding that takes place with Guests trying to find a spot to enjoy their totchos!

Credit: Maggie

We will be sure to share when the expansion is complete and just how much additional seating it adds to the area. Stay tuned!

What do you think of this expansion? Are you excited to see more seating at Woody’s Lunchbox? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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