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New Reservation option for Space 220 in Epcot

New Reservation option for Space 220 in Epcot
Credit: Jamie

Are you looking for an “out of this world” dining experience at Space 220? Find out the newest reservation option for this highly sought after dining location.

Space 220

Credit: Jamie F

Space 220 is a new table service restaurant, which will be located next to Mission: SPACE. Upon entering the restaurant you will take a special elevator that will take you 220 miles above Earth. You are made to feel like you are docking next to the Centauri Space Station, which is suspended just beyond the orbit of Mission: SPACE. You will be able to enjoy daytime and nighttime views of Earth.

When brought to your seats, you will walk past the grow zone, which is a spinning wall of produce that is meant to mimic the Earth’s gravity. The produce will represent the fresh ingredients used by the culinary team.

We were happy to announced the opening of this new restaurant in September. Since this grand opening, many of our Kenny the Pirate writers have had the opportunity to enjoy this “out of this world” dining experience. Be sure to check out our review for Space 220 when traveling with children and a full review of this dining experience.

New Reservation Option

Credit: Jamie F

Space 220 continues to be a highly sought after dining reservation. Previously, Guests without a dining reservation could still have an opportunity to enjoy this unique atmosphere by enjoying the Space 220 Lounge.

This walk-up option is now changing as Walt Disney World. The Space 220 Lounge is now offering advanced dining reservations. Guests may now book this dining reservation directly on the Walt Disney World website and on the My Disney Experience app.

Credit: Disney

Hopefully this will allow even more Guests to be able to include this unique dining location during their next trip to EPCOT.

Walt Disney World is now offering advanced dining reservations for the Space 220 Lounge on both the Walt Disney World website and on the My Disney Experience app.

What do you think of Space 220? Have you dined at this location before or do you hope to on your next trip to EPCOT? What do you think of this new advanced dining reservation for the Space 220 Lounge? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. We dined at Space 220 on Dec. 3rd, for lunch. We had 6 in our party, including 2 children. We thought that if I wasn’t able to secure an ADR before hand, we could always get in line for the lounge. Good thing we had an ADR!!! The CM outside said the lounge was only available to those 18 years or older. IDK if they have changed the policy since they are now accepting ADR’s for the lounge, but I would advise people to ask before securing an ADR.

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