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Is Disney World closer to dropping the indoor mask policy?

Is Disney World closer to dropping the indoor mask policy?
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New recommendations from the CDC indicate great news for the state of Florida. Is Disney World closer to dropping the indoor mask policy?

Face Mask Policy

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For many months, the mask policy at Disney World was simple: everyone must wear a mask at all times unless you are eating, drinking, swimming, or in your hotel room. Back in April, we finally saw this policy relax with Disney allowing Guests to remove their masks while taking an outdoor photo.

Along with changes to the Guest face mask policy in June, coverings also became optional for vaccinated Cast Members in all indoor and outdoor locations. It was a welcome respite from the summer heat.

Unfortunately, the state of Florida experienced a surge in cases in late July and August, prompting Disney World to require them again in indoor areas.

The policy has remained the same for the last few months, but a new policy affecting Cast Members recently went into effect. Not only that, but the state of emergency in Orange County expired. This left us to wonder if Disney would be following their guidance.

New guidance

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Disney has been following local officials versus national leaders and the CDC. It’s been over two weeks since the state of emergency ended. Still, no changes to the guest policy have been made. All guests are required to wear masks indoors.

Orange County now falls under the moderate category according to the CDC. When that happens, the CDC recommends only unvaccinated people should wear a mask in public indoor spaces. According to the CDC, it is not necessary for vaccinated people to wear a mask.

Here is a look at the recent data:

Screenshot: CDC website

As of November 15, 2021 there are 518 cases with a case rate of 37.17 per 100k. That equals a 2.48% positivity rate. Anything under 5% is considered good!

So, will Disney drop the masks?

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However, that does not necessarily mean Disney is closer to dropping the mask policy. With indoor character meets returning and the cold winter months approaching, Disney may continue to require everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

I (Monica) predict Disney will be much more cautious with the face coverings given the flip flop they did this summer. It’s possible they may wait until this spring to see how numbers look.

What are your thoughts? Is Disney closer to dropping the mandate or will masks be around for a while longer? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Drop the mandate. Period. Wear one if you want to, don’t wear one if don’t want to. Unless you’re wearing a clean N95, chances are you’re doing more bad (to your health) than good… but again, cover your face if it makes you feel better. Just stop requiring/expecting others to. Vaccines are available. It’s been almost 2 years. Enough is enough. For our family, no more money goes to Disney, until they drop the mandates.

  2. Time to get rid of it! I’d rather show my vaccine card. We went in September and that was one of reasons we didn’t stay on site, our off-site hotel did not require indoor masking. We didn’t do as much shopping as we normally would have because even with the AC on it was still too warm with the mask on inside. They ruin pictures, no one wants vacation memories with just your eyes showing. At this point the doctor’s office is the only place that should still be requiring masks.

  3. The great thing about masks is that you can wear one if you feel the need to. Unless you are wearing an genuine N95 masks they are pretty useless

  4. Wow so many nonmaskers! The reason the cases are so low is because of the masks. Every time they drop the mask mandate cases go up. I for one am glad they have it indoors. They should have never required it outdoors. Thats just crazy!

  5. It’s beyond time to drop the mask mandate. Every survey Disney sends me I tell them they are the only theme park to still require them & if they want to continue to get my business, they really need to drop it. Make it optional

  6. Drop it now or we’re not renewing our annual passes. We’re ready to become Universal annual pass holders. Disney is becoming ridiculous with the policy mandates and the money grabs. Our family is over it.

  7. I agree. Disney needs to drop the indoor mask requirement. We were in Disney in October for 2 weeks and it was a pain mask on mask off and the mask police were all over it. We are flying back in March for 2 weeks if the requirement has not been dropped we are canceling this trip. I am over it!

  8. They have until our AP renewal date to drop it, or they’re losing our business. There are many other APs that feel the same way. Why pay tons of money to be treated like dirt when Universal and Seaworld are much cheaper and don’t force guests to follow guidance that isn’t even supported by science anymore? Disney needs to get with the program and out of politics before they lose all their fans.

  9. I really hope they drop the mask policy by Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t see purchasing Memory Maker if all our indoor pics show us with masks on.

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