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It’s now even easier to meet the Princesses at Magic Kingdom

It's now even easier to meet the Princesses at Magic Kingdom
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Character meet and greets (now called “sightings”) resumed last week! Now we have an exciting new update that will make it even easier to meet them.

Character Meet and Greets have returned!

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If you have been to Disney World since last July, the only ways to see characters are from a distance, on a cavalcade, or during a character meal. It is not ideal by any means, but it was necessary during the initial reopening phase.

Disney recently announced the return of character meets with a few modifications. First, these are not close meets where you can get an autograph and hug them. Second, not every character experience has returned. Right now, we have a preliminary unofficial list, which you can see HERE.

Princess Tiana new character sighting in Magic Kingdom
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Instead of calling this a character meet, Disney has changed all descriptions on the website to “sighting.” This is what those distanced character meets are called at the After Hours events and what we see occasionally when Buzz is on the Tomorrowland Stage or the princesses are in their respective pavilions in the World Showcase.

However, what makes these newly returned sightings different is that you now get some one-on-one attention indoors with these characters. So far only Mickey Mouse and the Princesses have returned.

It’s now even easier to meet the Princesses at Magic Kingdom

Rapunzel new character sighting in Magic Kingdom
Credit: KtP

Cinderella, Elena, Tiana, and Rapunzel are back to meeting Guests at Princess Fairytale Hall! When they debuted last week, it was more of a soft opening as nothing official had been announced by Disney.

However, it seems that now these sightings are official because there are wait times posted on My Disney Experience! This will make it much easier for Guests who want to meet the Princesses.

Screenshot: MDE

Now instead of having to guess how long you will wait in line, the posted wait times is clearly posted. This may also mean you can receive a return time with Genie+ if you purchased that. We will share when we find out!

What about Mickey and other friends?

New Mickey 50th meet and greet
Credit: KtP

The meet with Mickey Mouse at Town Square is not listed on My Disney Experience, but hopefully it will pop up soon.

We know some special Disney Junior friends will be meeting at Hollywood Studios this month as well, but we do not see any wait times for them. Hopefully they will begin greeting Guests soon!

Are you going to meet the Princesses or wait until more interaction is allowed? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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