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New Menu, Prices, and Reservation Info for Space 220!

New Menu, Prices, and Reservation Info for Space 220!
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Space 220 opens very soon, but Disney has remained quiet on menu and pricing details. However, we now have our first look at the menu and how much this meal will set you back. We also have information on reservations – including a walk-up option!

Space 220

Credit: Zach Riddley Instagram

We have been waiting for Space 220’s opening for lightyears! Ok, not that long, but it’s been almost two years in the making. The restaurant has been delayed through construction delays and a pandemic, but on September 20 it will finally open its doors!

We recently received a sneak peek, which you can read about HERE.

Disney has remained pretty quiet on details. In fact, we have just about a week to go until opening and we are just now getting details on menu, pricing, and reservations!

Menu Items

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The food and beverage offerings for Space 220 are quite extensive. Each course has a cute name that corresponds to space. Lift-offs include items like calamari and various salads.

On the Star Course, choose from entrees like ribs, fish, chicken, and filet mignon. There is also a Space Station Special includes a whole lobster or 24 oz ribeye. Yum!

Complement your meal with a Satellite Side such as potatoes, wedges, or broccolini. Finally, finish off the experience with a Supernova Sweet – maybe some carrot cake or lemon mousse!

Credit: Space 220 Fla

Plenty of craft beers, cocktails, red and white wines, and spirits will pair nicely with your food selections!

Kids items include spaghetti, chicken tenders, and burgers.

Finally, if you would rather just hit up the lounge for some small bites and drinks you can do that too! Rib sliders, chicken waffles, and lobster rolls will all be available in the lounge along with beverages.

You can view the full menu HERE.


Credit: Space220 Fla

Wondering how much this prix-fixe menu will set you back? It is $79 for adults and $29 for kids at dinner. You must choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Lunch will cost $55 per adult and remain the same for kids ($29). Choose one appetizer and entree.

Beverages will be an additional cost as far as we can tell. Would you pay that much? Currently, this is one of the highest prix-fixe meals on property. I think it’s even higher than Cinderella’s Royal Table!


Credit: Zach Riddley Instagram

Space 220 will begin accepting reservations on September 20!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. But it opens on September 20! Well, that’s because the restaurant will only accept walk-up guests for the first week.

Reservations can be made for September 27 and beyond on September 20.

Tell us: are you eating at Space 220 when it opens? Let us know!

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  1. Disney is going to quickly price itself right out of business! Only the wealthy will be able to afford to go, now. It’s really sad!

  2. Soundsine this experience isn’t for you then. I’d pay the dinner price as it looks like a complete meal. Lunch is rather go to Disney Springs anyway. Just like wine prices in a restaurant vs Costco, you are paying for the experience. As someone in the restaurant business, you wanna ask yourself if the experience is worth it. To try it out, definitely. Sounds immersive.

  3. Even at dinner prices you must be assuming two drinks over person. Maybe three. For three courses u think I would barely get through one. Especially as this will be a turn and burn experience. All done in less than an hour.

  4. And of course that does not include, for adults, alcoholic beverages. So, you are now looking at $130 per person. My husband and I used to do disney dinners nightly. Lately, since it seems like the prices have gotten so steep for everything we only do 2 dinners and just grab something quick service. We ate at our Centertown Market at carribean Beach for dinner one night $28 for both for dinner!

  5. Prices are high! The $ 79 prob doesn’t include gratuity so now it’s $96.pp Lunch is not same caliber of food for $55 and dessert not included.
    Your kid can get Mac and cheese or chicken tenders for 11.00 to 15.00 at any restaurant at Disney. I understand you are paying for the experience of looking at outter space through windows and riding in an elevator but come on….

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