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Two Magic Kingdom Headliners are experiencing difficulties and closures

Two Magic Kingdom Headliners are experiencing difficulties and closures

Two headliners at Magic Kingdom are having a very difficult morning. Difficulties and closures of these two rides are creating longer lines elsewhere in the park.


It is not uncommon for an attraction to experience a lot of downtime throughout the course of the day. Sometimes it’s a technical issue that needs resolved or the weather is forcing rides to close. We frequently see bad weather close almost all the outdoor attractions at all four theme parks.

PeopleMover also had a rough few days recently when it was forced to evacuate Guests three days in a row. And most recently, Splash Mountain was closed for most of the morning late last month.

Whatever the reasoning is, it can make a more stressful day at the Magic Kingdom if a headliner attraction is not loading Guests.

Magic Kingdom Downtime

Both Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain are closed at the time of writing today, July 21.

Our sources have said that Big Thunder Mountain has not opened at all today (it’s almost 11 am in Florida). Additionally, it will be a very long time before the ride does open for the day.

Splash Mountain has been in operation today but just recently closed. We are unsure what the reasoning is for these closures or when they will resume operations.

As a result, many other rides in the park have longer lines. Astro Orbiter and Space Mountain both have 70-75 minute waits. Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, and Jungle Cruise are all sitting at about 60 minutes. Even rides like Dumbo, Little Mermaid, and “it’s a small world” have 40-55 minute waits!

What to do when a ride is down

Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain are two major headliners at the Magic Kingdom. They are also right next to each other and are the only big attractions in Frontierland.

If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom today (or any day a big ride is down), you can check out some of the nearby attractions and hope it reopens soon. In Frontierland, you could watch Country Bear Jamboree, ride the Liberty Belle, or enjoy a meal at Pecos Bill’s.

Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are both nearby (just in opposite directions) so that is a possibility as well. Otherwise, I would suggest just continuing with your touring plan from Character Locator.

Are you at Magic Kingdom today? What are you doing since these two headliners are down? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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Wednesday 21st of July 2021

Again, it concerns me. You never used to see so many rides down so often. Why is this happening so often? It makes me feel like Disney is not keeping up with maintenance the way that they used to. It also makes me think of safety concerns but I suppose if they are closing rides they are taking care of any safety issues.

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